Celebrate Chenoa UMC

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Celebrate a year of ministry at Chenoa United Methodist Church. http://chenoaumc.blogspot.com

Text of Celebrate Chenoa UMC

  • 1. The people of Chenoa UMC have good reason to:

2. Celebrate! 3. Worship Celebrate! Worship Mission Education Hospitality 4. Worship Celebrate! Worship Baptisms Communion Community Worship Childrens Church Blessing of the Backpacks Easter Sunrise Ash Wednesday Blue Christmas 5. Easter Sunrise Christmas Eve 6. Worship series 7. What do you want to celebrate? All the new little ones and the great sharing with the town 8. Worship Celebrate! Worship Mission Education Hospitality 9. Worship Celebrate! Mission Christmas lunch boxes Mississippi mission trip Free car wash Liberia Connection Hot dogs at the pool Garden Surplus Chenoa Cares Festival of Trees 10. Free Car Wash 11. Garden Surplus 12. Mississippi Trip 13. What do you want to celebrate? I celebrate each day all of the people I have met- everyone has been so warm, welcoming and wonderful 14. Worship Celebrate! Education Sunday school Decaff Class Vacation Bible School Childrens Church Religion and Science Class 15. Vacation Bible School 16. Sunday school 17. What do you want to celebrate? Meals and cards sent to me while I recuperated 18. Worship Celebrate! Hospitality UMW Tea Welcome bags Back to School Barbecue Fourth of July 19. Back to School Barbecue 20. Fourth of July 21. UMW Tea 22. What do you want to celebrate? Lucy! VBS! Lunchboxes for Christmas break, spaghetti dinner, back to school bbq...to name a few. 23. Celebrate! 24. Whats next? What will we celebrate in 2011? 25. Worship 2011 Worship team is planning months in advance to unleash creativity Worship Themes: Legacy, Conversations with an Atheist 26. Mission 2011 Mission trip to Tennessee Pastor Robbs trip to Liberia More projects with Chenoa Cares 27. Education 2011 High school youth group Live BIG curriculum for K-8 Engaging short-term classes 28. Hospitality 2011 New resident visits UMW banquets and fellowship Fourth of July fundraiser 29. Celebrate 2010 Support 2011 30. Today is the day to: Thanking God for all we have done, and trusting God for all we have yet to do 31. Celebrate Our Church!