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Top 15 Ruby on Rails (RoR) Gems by Code Garage Tech

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Text of Top 15 Ruby on Rails (RoR) Gems by Code Garage Tech

  • Top 15 Ruby on Rails (ROR) Gems for Software Development: Code Garage Tech

  • Ruby on Rails **An IntroductionAccording to Wikipedia, Ruby on Rails, is a web application framework written in Ruby Language under the MIT License.

    It is a modelviewcontroller (MVC) framework, providing default structures for a database, a web service, and web pages.

  • Ruby on Rails **HistoryCreated Ruby within the mid-1990s to attenuate the frustration & an effort concerned in complicated committal to writing comes. **David Heinemeier Hansson**Created Rails in 2003 , supported the Ruby programing language. The first version was free as ASCII text file by Hansson in 2004.**Yukihiro Matsumoto**

  • Importance of Ruby on Rails in Business Development Speedy & Versatile Responses Mitigating Hurdles.. Object-oriented or Easy Nature.. Short & Perceptive Language.. Default Structures to Develop Sites, Net Services & Info.. Precise, Short Code & Clear by Nature.. Versatile & Correct Testing Framework.. Cheaper as Compared to Other Frameworks..

  • Gems in Ruby on RailsOne of the nicer things regarding developing on the Ruby platform is that the sheer quantity of meticulously classified, extremely reusable code committed within the variety of ably named --- **GEMS**


  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails



  • Upload files in your Ruby Applications, Map them to a Variety of ORMs, store them on Completely Different Backend. It works well with Rack Primarily based Internet Applications, adore Ruby on Rails15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - CARRIERWAVE

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - KAMINARIKaminari may be a Scope & Primarily Engine Based, Clean, Powerful, Customizable & Complicated Paginator. Kaminari Supports Multiple ORMs (ActiveRecord, Mongoid, MongoMapper) Multiple Internet Frameworks (Rails, Sinatra), & Multiple Template Engines (ERB, Haml)

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - HAMLHaml (HTML Abstraction Markup Language) may be a Layer on Prime of XHTML or XML that is Designed to Precise the Structure of XHTML or XML Documents during a Non-repetitive, Elegant, Easy Way, Applying Indentation instead of Closing Tags & Permitting Ruby to be Embedded with ease

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - AUTHLOGICA Simple, Unobtrusive Model Primarily Based Ruby Authentication Answer. Authlogic is Incredibly Dynamic, it's a Powerful Public API & An Excessiveness of Hooks to Permit you to Switch Behavior & Change it

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - SHOULDAShoulda , a gem that Permits you to form A-Lot of Comprehensible Tests for your Ruby Application. Shoulda Permits you to Produce Context for your Tests Sanctioning you to Categorize Tests as per a Particular Feature or State of Affairs you are Testing

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - FACTORY_GIRLFactory_girl Provides a Framework & Digital Subscriber Line for Outlining & Implementing Factories - Less Error Occurrence, A-Lot of Expression, & All-Round Easier to Use with than Fixtures...

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - RMAGICKRMagick is Associative in Nursing Interface Between the Ruby Artificial Language & Also the ImageMagick & GraphicsMagick Image Process Libraries

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - CANCANCanCan is Associative in Nursing Authorization Library for ROR that Restricts What Resources a Given User is Allowed to Access & is Decoupled from user Roles. All Permissions Area Unit Hold on During a Single Location & not Duplicated Across Controllers, Views, & Info Queries

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - NOKOGIRINokogiri is Associative in Nursing Markup Language, XML, SAX, & Reader Programs. Among Nokogiris Several Options is the Ability to Look Documents via XPath or CSS3 Selectors...

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - SASSSass Makes CSS Fun Once More. Sass is Associative in Nursing Extension of CSS3, Adding Nested Rules, Variables, Mixins, Selector Inheritance, and more. Its Translated to Well-Formatted, Customary CSS use of the Statement Tool or a Web-Framework Plugin

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - FORMTASTICFormtastic may be a Rails FormBuilder Digital Subscriber Line (with another goodies) to Create it Way More Easier to form Lovely, Semantically Wealthy, Syntactically Awing, Without Delay Stylable & Splendidly Accessible Markup Language Forms in Your Rails applications

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - CAPISTRANOCapistrano may be a Utility & Framework for Corporal Punishment Commands in Parallel on Multiple Remote Machines, via SSH. It uses an easy Digital Subscriber Line (Borrowed Partially from Rake) that Permits you to Outline Tasks, Which can be Applied to Machines in Sure Roles

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - OMNIAUTHOmniAuth is a Ruby Authentication Framework that has a Consistent Interface to Several Completely Different Authentication Suppliers Adore Facebook, OpenID, & Even Ancient Username and Countersign

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - BUNDLERBundler may be a Tool That Manages Gem Dependencies for your Ruby Application. It takes A Gem Manifest File and is Ready to Fetch, Download, & Install the Gems and Every One Kid Dependencies per this Manifest

  • 15 Gems in Ruby on Rails - DEVISEDevise is a Flexible Authentication Solution for Rails based on Warden. It is Rack Based Complete MVC Solution Based on Rails Engines. It Basically Allows you to Have Multiple Models Signed in at the Same Time

  • These were Some of the Best Gems You Can UseI'm Cognizant that a Number of the Gems Listed here have Rails, Or Elements of Rails, as a Dependency. That Does not mean that They're Any Less Helpful or Have to be Compelled to be Sneered at...

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