The Importance of Integration in E-Commerce

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Back-end integration with an e-Commerce platform is crucial. True seamless integration on every level is a key characteristic that your webshop should have. This whitepaper explains why running an efficient online business requires proper integration. Learn more: Talk to us today | Digital Vantage Point is the global leader in delivering cost-effective, integrated e-Commerce products and services to Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV customers and partners. Our integrated and comprehensive solution for B2B,B2C, and B2E organizations is used all over the world. Digital Vantage Point is certified for Microsoft Dynamics™ NAV and a proud Microsoft Gold Certified Partner in Enterprise Resource Planning.

Text of The Importance of Integration in E-Commerce

  • 1. The Importance of Integration
  • 2. Youre a business owner. Your company sells and
  • 4. Having separate databases for all this information means you are facing challenges in getting these systems to talk to one another.
  • 5. We need a truly integrated e-Commerce solution We want to make System X talk to System Y. With great integration of your systems, you can run your business smoothly and efficiently, increase your revenue, and reduce operational costs.
  • 6. Making systems talk to one another is There is a lot of room for when embarking on this integration journey.
  • 7. Integration in ERP (enterprise resource planning) usually means feeding the beast all sorts of data. Manual integration is slow, tedious, and error-prone. You can hire more people to do the job, but thats expensive and doesnt solve the underlying problem. Integrating in batches comes with complications like interruptions, maintenance of network and hardware, and volume scale issues. This can be expensive as well.
  • 8. Polling happens without proper integration. This means that the website continues to ask for information until it gets what its looking for. Smooth integration between a random 3rd party and the webshop doesnt matter if it doesnt integrate completely with NAV.
  • 9. With the right e-Commerce solution seamlessly integrated with your ERP system, its built to synchronize information dynamically and naturally. This is a mutually beneficial solution that simplifies all business and financial processes.
  • 10. Benefits of Integration: Information available on your website is because updates happen automatically Quick and responsive customer service
  • 11. Nav-to-Net is a part of the NAV ecosystem. There is integration where data travels in real-time. There is no polling. Complete integration means optimized performance. Customers always get the correct information. Proper integration reduces redundancy errors.
  • 12. It is wise to find a solution that has every eventuality covered. Technology does not always run perfectly and disconnections can happen.
  • 13. When there is a from your ERP system, orders can be lost. Customers may think the order went through while you have no idea.
  • 14. Make sure the integrated solution you have has a method to ensure service and support. This saves you time, hassle, and money.
  • 15. When you have an , you can do things faster and easier, with fewer mistakes, saving you money in the long-run. You can: Formulate strategies with data available Have truly outstanding customer service Manage inventory and documents easily With an integrated system at your business core, there are many windows of opportunity you can capitalize on.
  • 16. At , weve got an integrated e-Commerce solution built exclusively for