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2. India | UK | USA Index COMPANY OVERVIEW SOLUTIONS PORTFOLIO MOBILE DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT MOBIDOCS SOLUTION FOR RBL DEMO 3. India | UK | USA Company Overview ENTERPRISE MOBILITY DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT AND COMMERCE SOLUTIONS COMPANY FOUNDED IN 2010 HEADQUARTERED IN HYDERABAD, INDIA WITH OFFICES IN USA AND UK TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION AND PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT COMPANY RESEARCH AND INNOVATION ON MOBILITY AS A COMPUTING PLATFORM. PASSIONATE AND DEDICATED LEADERSHIP TO EXCEED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. 4. India | UK | USA Solutions Portfolio TECHNOLABS SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS RETAIL MOBILITY DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISE MOBILITY MOBILE PAYMENT ECOMMERCE 5. India | UK | USA Solutions Portfolio TECHNOLABS SOFTWARE SOLUTIONS RETAIL MOBILITY DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT ENTERPRISE MOBILITY MOBILE PAYMENT ECOMMERCE 6. India | UK | USA MobiDocs in Document Management Digitization by using mobile Business Process Management Workflow automation and Paperless office Image Processing capabilities Easy to integrate with enterprise portals XML based search Engine Records Management Content sharing and collaboration 7. India | UK | USA MobiDocs in Document Management MobiDocs can handle your documents, end-to-end. You can scan, save, convert into PDF, and then upload to the Content Server - DocStation. We apply advanced image processing techniques so that your content is very close to your original documents. CAPTURE, FILTER, ENHANCE AND SAVE EDIT, ANNOTATION, AND LINK SIGN, STAMP, AND UPLOAD SEARCH AND VIEW FROM THE SERVER ENABLES COLLABORATION WORKFLOW AND CONTENT AUTHORING 8. India | UK | USA Mobile Retail Loan Solution for RBL MobiDocs Retail Loan Processing Solution MobiDocs is mobile document management product from TechnoLabs that can complement existing IT infrastructure and bring difference to last mile banking. Retail Loan Processing Vehicle Loans New Account Opening Applied productivity and customer experience CONVERSION - READING OF PRINTED TEXT TO DIRECTLY INTO THE FORM FIELDS TEMPLATES - XML BASED FORM TEMPLATES FORMAT - CONVERSION FROM ONE FILE FORMAT TO ANOTHER CONSOLIDATION - CONVERTING INDIVIDUAL PAGES INTO SINGLE FILE MARKING - ADDING ANNOTATION TO THE DOCUMENT ATTESTATION - SIGNATURE AND STAMPING (SIMILAR TO REAL LIFE SIGNATURE AND STAMPING) FLEXIBILITY - FEATURE TO SET THE PAPER SIZE SO THAT SCANNING CAN BE OPTIMIZED CONTENT - CAPTURING AUDIO OR VIDEO AS A PROOF 9. India | UK | USA RBL Business Process 10. India | UK | USA MobiDocs - RetailLoanProcessingSolution DEMO 11. India | UK | USA Login Screen 12. India | UK | USA Role based selection 13. India | UK | USA Application form 14. India | UK | USA Applicants picture 15. India | UK | USA Capture applicant's photo 16. India | UK | USA Crop picture 17. India | UK | USA Picture is stored into loan form 18. India | UK | USA Fill-in personal information 19. India | UK | USA Fill-in salary information 20. India | UK | USA Document captured using camera 21. India | UK | USA Document captured using camera 22. India | UK | USA Scan documents 23. India | UK | USA Attestation of documents 24. India | UK | USA Documents saved 25. India | UK | USA PDF generated 26. India | UK | USA Documents required 27. India | UK | USA Uploading Documents 28. India | UK | USA Take signature 29. India | UK | USA Applicants attestation 30. India | UK | USA Agent status report 31. India | UK | USA Approval process Exe Level 32. India | UK | USA Approval process Manager Level 33. India | UK | USA Application process completed 34. India | UK | USA END OF DEMO 35. India | UK | USA OUR ENDEAVOUR IS TO ADD VALUE TO RBL WE VALUE YOUR TIME!! 36. India | UK | USA Shiva Pothuluru Founder (e) (p) +91 9160491600 Himadeep Madipadiga Director Enterprise Mobile Solution (e) (p) +91 9160916303