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1. John Pereless 2. With the recent development in technology, JohnPereless believes that smart phones are the keyto promote your online business along withdirecting more internet traffic toward your website.So lately if you have been targeting the mobilemarket, it is important to design a mobile websiteor a mobile application to capture the interest ofusers toward your website. However when itcomes to deciding what is beneficial- a mobilewebsite or a mobile application, John Pereless listout certain criterias that must be kept in mind whilemaking the final decision. 3. When it comes to making a choice, JohnPereless advocates that the business ownermust have complete knowledge about both theoptions before opting for the most suitable one.A mobile website work similar to a full websiteand usually consists of several browser basedHTML pages lined together. 4. In contrast, a mobile application can bedownloaded from the app store and installedon the specific mobile phone. While some ofthe applications are paid, most of them can beavailed free of cost. These apps can bedownloaded from specific portals such asblackberry app world, apples app store orandroid app market. 5. UpgradabilityCompatibilityThe ease of access 6. While a website can be easily accessed by alarge number of users, the same is not truewith the apps. A user who has downloaded anapplication can make certain changes in itwhile those changes are not visible to otherinternet users. 7. However if you want to design an interactivegame or want to offer an offline services to yourclients, you must choose to design a mobileapplication but if you want to create mobilefriendly content that can be easily accessed bya large number of people John Perelessadvise you to choose mobile website. 8. Thanks for WatchingJohn Pereless


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