Lean UX & Test Process- Cocoon at Lean Start Up Yorkshire

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  1. 1. UX & Test at Cocoon The foundations of an MVP Kimberley Bottomley & James Salt Lean Start-Up Yorkshire, 18/07/2015
  2. 2. What well cover tonight... Process as an enabler not a restriction Options, data and priority Experience of helping shape a start-up https://queenphotos.files. wordpress.com/2013/08/freddie- 3-b-w-split-1019x1024.jpg http://www.beckysage. com/2015/03/09/sweet- surrender/ http://www.popsugar. com/moms/photo- gallery/32086719/image/320871 87/Shaping-Dough
  3. 3. About Cocoon
  4. 4. http://seriousplaypro.com/2015/03/12/lego-case-study-team-culture/
  5. 5. Scene Setting Context
  6. 6. Philosophy REQUIREMENTS = ASSUMPTIONS WE KNOW = WE BELIEVE LETS BUILD IT = LETS TEST IT CAN WE = SHOULD WE Read more about Lean UX: http://www.jeffgothelf.com/blog/lean-ux-book/#sthash.0abLXGUq.dpbs
  7. 7. Dont become wedded to the wrong solution Allows a problem to be seen from multiple perspectives Exploration creates freedom - to find new ways Keeps the big picture in view Why are test and ux important to a start-up?
  8. 8. Why is data important for start-ups Minimises risk of building the wrong thing Minimises waste - time and money Gives confidence - to founder(s), team and investor(s)
  9. 9. Process
  10. 10. Data > Intuition
  11. 11. Prioritise
  12. 12. Discover
  13. 13. Develop
  14. 14. Validate
  15. 15. Options
  16. 16. Prototyping Usability testing Acceptance testing Issue Surfacing Some techniques for generating options
  17. 17. What are you prototyping? Acceptance criteria as assumption: As an Active Cocoon customer I want clear audio from my Cocoon device So that I can determine the appropriate response
  18. 18. Techniques for generating options This is a prototype
  19. 19. This is a prototype
  20. 20. This is a prototype
  21. 21. Test - with real people Observe behaviour Set real world tasks What do you think it would do?
  22. 22. FREE! Tools for guerrilla UX testing
  23. 23. Highlights - Feedback on home screen concepts 2 participants were not immediately certain what the purple icon represented. 3 participants felt a photo or name/initials would be more of an indicator as to who someone was. 1 participant said they expected a flatline unless Cocoon was alerting them on something. 1 participant expected that they would be able to configure their alerts. 1 participant was unsure what Live View was. 1 participant felt that Activity was a better title for this screen than Your Cocoon 1 participant said they would want to know when another user was in the app. 1 participant suggested they might want to IM other users via this app. 1 participant expected that they would have to log in to the Cocoon app - the cited the experience of entering a few numbers of a code/password on their banking app, as an example of their expectation. Version A Version B
  24. 24. Defect Surfacing
  25. 25. Acceptance Testing
  26. 26. Summary Prioritisation is a team sport Use data to support prioritisation Get data from discovery methods Iterate design based on learnings Develop only whats required Validate - more data! Be confident with releases
  27. 27. Experience
  28. 28. Fluidity and structure Time and communication - tools cant solve Appreciate that some decisions have been made Balance http://www.yogabalance.co.uk/
  29. 29. Questions?


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