Interaction 2014 - Panel Debate: Award winning intranets made clear - Nigel Williams

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Join a number of award winning intranet managers as they give their insights into what it takes to successfully manage an intranet that engages employees and meets the ever changing requirements of the businesses they work for. This will give you a chance to ask questions around key areas such as mobile development, supporting business processes and aiding collaboration.


  • 1. Award winningintranets made clearNigel Williams, Community Manager, Interactinteraction #IIC14interact123

2. How much time1each week do you spendon your site and what 3things do you do withoutfail? 3. Which three2things are youproudest of? 4. Which parts of3your intranet would youlike to improve? 5. 4 6. What have you5gained from enteringawards?