"If You know Angular, now You know mobile"

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  • "If You know Angular, now You mobile"

    NativeScript 2.0 release mantra

    Matheus CAS


    Maqhin Solues InovadorasSalvador, Bahia


    GDG FSA OrganizerBens father

  • What is talks is not- Versus battle bullshit

    - Comparison to Angular 1

    - Detailed overview about Angular 2

    - Demo of building a Angular 2 application

  • What this talk is- Why you shout bet on the Web Stack

    - Why you shout bet on the Angular 2

    - Who's betting on it!

    - Given by a Angular 2 beginner

  • The Web Stack

  • The Web Stack

  • Java, ObjectiveC, Swift, C#

    APIS: Camera, GPS, Media

    iOS, Android, WP10

    Traditional Mobile stack Web stack



    iOS, Android, WP10

    Hybrid Mobile stack

    Web stackAPIS: Camera, GPS, MediaCordova / Phonegap

  • JQuery Porchat

    Mi Sencha

  • Its not 2009!

  • 20092.0 - 2.1

  • The Mobile Web

  • The Growth of Mobile

  • Mobile app domination

  • Mobile audience growth

  • Web for reach, Mobile for rich

  • The Facebook's Case

  • Hybrid Mobile Apps And


  • Hybrid mobile apps run on the device and are written with web technologies.

  • 1.3M apps were created in 2015top 40 project on GitHub (+24k stars)320k downloads per monthtop 1% most popular packages on NPMMuch more: http://blog.ionic.io/how-2015-went-for-ionic/

  • Why AngularJs?

    Actively maintainedHuge Community

    Easy to start

    Built for REST

    Backed by


    Data binding

    oogleAngular 1.x is stable

  • Why a new Angular?

  • $digest()

  • Compromised withDOM

  • And The Web moved forward

  • Angular

  • $scope



    jqLite Directive object definition

  • Angular 2 is built from scratch

  • Platform for building mobile, web and desktop applications

  • "Today, Angular2 is 5x faster than Angular 1" - Misko, 2/10/15

  • Deep Tree Benchmark - 09/02/2015Source: https://angular2-intro.firebaseapp.com


  • Angular 2 is platform agnostic

  • Not coupled with DOM

  • Not even compromised with HTML

  • Better change detection

  • Each element has a change detector'

  • Immutables

  • Observables

  • So Lets recap

  • No DOM relationshipNo HTML boundedImproved change detectionCutting edged technologies

    TypeScript5x Faster, at least

    Mobile Focused

  • Platform for building mobile, web and desktop applications

  • Talk is cheap, show me the code.

  • Matheus CAS