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  1. 1. HYBRID MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT +1-760-284-4698 +91-96-50-700555 Plot28-29,ElectronicCity,Sector-18(P), Gurgaon-122001,Haryana,India
  2. 2. MOBILE DEVELOPMENT - ON ITS WAY TO PROGRESS Evolution in the domain of mobile development, has completely transformed the life of an individual. What apparently seemed impossible, has now become a matter of few simple and instant clicks.
  3. 3. BillGates,puttingforwardhisperception,says,ifyour businessisnotintheinternet,thenyourbusinesswillbe outofbusiness. Contemplatinguponhisopinion,hybridmobileapp developmentwouldhelpinaugmentingthepopularityofa particularapplicationtothetoweringheights.
  4. 4. Thereisalwaysanongoingdebatewhethertochoosefor nativemobileappdevelopmentottotakeinto considerationhybridmobileapps. Sohereisapresentationtohelpyouknowwhychoosing hybridmobileappdevelopmentservices,wouldproveto beblossomingforyourbusiness!
  5. 5. Primarily,nativeappis developedinalanguage thatiscompatibletothat particularoperating system. Hybridappsarewrittenin Web-basecodelike JavaScript,CSSand HTML,whilemakinguse ofthedevicesbrowser engineandnotthe browseritself.
  6. 6. Benefits- Hybridmobileapp development,notonly helpsinpublishingapps acrossvariousplatforms andaugmentingits popularitycoveringawider spectrumofpeople. Butalso,italsohelpsin extractingthe competencesofeach platformsoastocomeup withbetterresultsand extraordinaryfunctionality.
  7. 7. Hybrid apps helps in building apps across different platforms, making the large number of people aware about it. Simultaneously, it also helps in taking best out of each platform, elegantly, utilising the capabilities of the platform on which they are developed.
  8. 8. Another added advantage of creating hybrid apps that with the help of an application that is standardised, the clients would also be enabled to experience the capabilities, features and characteristics of their own mobile device.
  9. 9. The benefits of hybrid mobile app development are numerous. Another one that must be taken in spotlight is that hybrid mobile apps make use of the devices own programming. In this way, the other mobile apps also remain in sync with these apps.
  10. 10. By the same token, hybrid mobile apps also store some data offline by putting into use the devices APIs. For the people who are the victims of poor connectivity or take into deep consideration the data costs, hybrid mobile apps can prove to be of great advantage.
  11. 11. EXPERIENCE AND PROFICIENCY MetaDesign Solutions, an accomplished hybrid mobile app development company, which explores all avenues to come up with the best possible IT solutions, that prove rewarding for their business. With 8 years of experience and proficiency, we have laid our hands on experience on various projects and accomplishing them is our achievement.
  12. 12. MAIN FEATURES OF HYBRID MOBILE APPS Hybrid mobile apps are faster and do not depend on network communication for their functionality, which is often assumed as a primary cause of slowdown.
  13. 13. There are 7 hybrid mobile apps framework, which can be taken as reliable options for app development across platforms.
  14. 14. THESE TOP MOSTFRAMEWORKS FOR CROSS PLATFORM DEVELOPMENT ARE: Ionic Mobile Angular UI Intel XDK Appcelerator Titanium Sencha Touch Kendo UI PhoneGap
  15. 15. Mobile Development has seen an entirely transformed scenario, with the incessant innovations in the technological domain. Therefore, the question that perplexes everybodys mindset is whether hybrid mobile apps are a way towards a promising future, in the domain of mobile development. HYBRID APPS - WAY TOWARDS PROMISING FUTURE!
  16. 16. Taking into examination, the innumerable benefits of hybrid apps and their flourishing popularity, analysts have made a prediction that by 2016, more than 50% of mobile apps will be hybrid. TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE WITH ADVANCED MOBILE DEVELOPMENT!
  17. 17. Hybrid applications development resolves many complications and involve less consumption of time and efforts. Moreover, developed using HTML5 and CSS3, as a consequence of which, it shows higher competences in the designing of interfaces. HYBRID APPS - ECONOMIZE YOUR TIME AND MONEY!
  18. 18. MDS IS NOT A MERE OPTION BUT YOUR CHOICE! At MetaDesign solutions, the application developers remain updated with the latest technologies and hence, they show no reluctance or hesitation when dealing with the clients. Therefore, we make sure that we invest in knowledge gaining conferences for our developers so that they they remain aware about the new innovations and developments.
  19. 19. It does not merely involve the less consumption of time and efforts and make the tasks simplistic, rather it also proves to be cost effective with the added leverage high quality along with the diverse set of libraries. EXPERIENCE LEVERAGES OF HYBRID MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT!
  20. 20. MAKE YOUR BUSINESS SUCCESSFUL ! In addition to this, hybrid mobile apps development technology, also provides the tools that help in reducing the time taken in development.
  21. 21. HYBRID APP DEVELOPMENT - A GOOD CHOICE AVAILABLE WITH BUSINESS TYCOONS! Ceaseless innovations in the domain of mobile development helped in providing the business tycoons, flexible platforms that they can deploy to turn their dreams of escalating business into reality. Hybrid mobile app development is a step towards towards that dazzling reality!
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