How safebytes helps you enjoy your pc to the fullest

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  1. 1. How SafeBytes helps you enjoy your PC to the fullest SafeBytes
  2. 2. Everyone has some type PC nowadays, its just a fact of life. And we all use our computers to streamline our daily lives: Workflow enhancement and synchronization. Financial management and organization Entertainment purposes Shopping Media editing Photo manipulation and enhancement And the list could go on! If we are not watching a show on Netflix we may be looking for coupons to buy our clothes, or better yet, buy those same clothes on an online sale! After were done with the shopping we might fire up Microsofts PowerPoint in order to put the finishing touches in the presentation we have been working on for a week or two. And after finishing that up, checking the stock market and how our stocks are doing. And the story could again extend itself indefinitely, varying a little with each user that tells it.
  3. 3. Unfortunately, there is another uglier-- side to this coin. Everyone has at least heard a horror story about a computer that suddenly stopped working the way it should. The most unfortunate ones have a tale of lost files and data, always important and always irretrievable due to some error that could have been either prevented or at least recovered if one had enough tech savvy. This generally happens because the average PC user percentage has increased considerably over the years but the average users knowledge of how a computer works and how to maintain it in order to keep it running well has stayed the same as it was a couple of decades ago. Couple that with the fact that malware producing companies and software firms are getting both craftier and wilier with how the attempt to infect the average users computer and you have a recipe for a slow-as-treacle PC that will, in a worst case scenario, end up being a malware propagating zombie. Additionally, there is always the chance that its not malware that sinks your PC, installing or uninstalling the wrong drivers might lead to some of the hardware on your computer simply not working anymore, either as intended or not at all.
  4. 4. In the absolute worst case scenarios this might also lead to what is known as bricking of the PC. This means that, due to some sort of catastrophic malfunction (could be faulty firmware, BIOS, hardware or drivers) your PC will not work. At all. Which effectively makes it as useful, technologically speaking, as a brick. So what can you do in order to prevent this from happening to your computer? Get Safebytes complete software suite this includes: SafeBytes Security Suite SafeBytes TotalSystemCare SafeBytes DriverAssist And what exactly do these programs do? Well, lets review that for a moment: SafeBytes Security Suite is an outstanding protection system which provides reliable, efficient and convenient protection against all known viruses and malware. It can be accessed at any time from the Windows desktop, and runs quietly in the background while you operate your PC, protecting you against all threats at all times.
  5. 5. But thats not everything it can do, the Security Suite also features: A regularly updated virus and malware database, In addition to 24/7 protection, you can rest easy knowing that the program will always have the latest in virus and malware definitions in order to block incoming threats. Very user friendly interface, regardless of the users computer knowledge, which makes it ideal for any and all computer users the world over! Any user can easily perform any task they wish with its intuitive interface: scan, update definitions and adding exceptions, you can do it all with ease! Or, in case the user for any reason cannot make the software perform a certain action, dedicated user help desk which is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so any user can clear up doubts or get help with anything they need whenever they may need it. A very lightweight footprint on your system, which means that it is possible to run it on most modern day hardware without a hitch and without causing said system to hitch in any way. Full firewall protection that will also monitor all incoming and outgoing traffic from your computer 24/7. This means that your computer will have yet another layer of protection from harmful and dangerous software.
  6. 6. A handy website safety rating system that will allow the average user to steer clear of harmful websites that will end up affecting your PCs performance, or worse, try to infect it with malware or viruses. SafeBytes TotalSystemCare suite in order to further optimize your PCs performance. TotalSystemCare will: Speed up your PC by searching for errors and invalid keys that are known to cause problems and lengthen the time it takes for it to boot up. Clean your registry to correct errors in the windows registry that are known to slow down performance. Prevent errors from occurring by going deep and fixing a wide range of critical Windows and software errors, thus preventing computer crashes and other unwanted behaviours. SafeBytes DriverAssist software will make sure that your drivers are always updated Heres some of the features DriverAssist has to offer:
  7. 7. Automatic Driver Installation Smart Device Identification Full Back-up and Restore Driver Intelligence Safe USB management and eject function And as you can see, every single one of SafeBytes software suite of programs also has a dedicated team of customer support representatives ready to clear up any and all doubts you may have, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. All of SafeBytes products running in conjunction can keep your system running in great shape for a longer time than expected or even predicted, with an easy to use interface, and a minimum of involvement or hassle, but with the power and flexibility to allow advanced users full control of whatever tasks they may require or wish to run. This allows any user to rest easy knowing that their PCs are protected against threats and optimized to keep running perfectly day in and day out.