Docker for Integration Testing

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Docker for Integration Testing, presentation at Docker Amsterdam/Utrecht August 2014.

Text of Docker for Integration Testing

  • 1. Docker for IntegrationTestingWouter DanesDocker Amsterdam / Utrecht, 28 August 2014

2. API PlatformEngineer 3. Agenda Ways I use docker during development Fitting docker into your build process Docker maven integration 4. Ways I use docker during development 5. Shadow IT 6. Run !production !locally 7. Proofs!of!Concept 8. CI environment Spawn build slaves No port collisions Replace D/T with feature branch deploys No version / stack collisions in environment 9. Fitting docker into your build process 10. High level build processbuild test package testpackagepublish 11. Docker commands per build stepbuild test package testpackagepublishbuild runstartstoplinkexposetagpush 12. Docker maven integration 13. build test package testpackagepublishbuild runstartstoplinkexposetagpushresourcescompiletest package integration-testverifyinstalldeployMaven vs Docker 14. docker-maven-plugin Build docker images Start containers Link containers Wait for containers to finish initialisation Expose URLs / port info to integration tests Clean up Push images to an index / registry 15. Demo project 16. References Two docker blog Docker maven 12 principles for developing containers