Clean Code: Write Clean Think Clean

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Slides-deck from my talk at the VT Code Camp 2014. Useful for developers of all levels and platforms. Dive into the how's and why's for developing clean code and learn to "think clean" when writing code.


  • 1. Clean Code: Write Clean Think Clean-1-AgendaWhat is clean code?Why do we need it?How we can do it?

2. What is clean code?Readable / Understandablevar X=Hetal, var y=Davevar FirstName = Hetal var LastName=Davefunction DoSomething()function SaveAddress()-2-Easy to maintainEasy to scale up or downSimple and organized 3. -3-Why do we need it?Better readabilityBetter maintainabilityReduced cost of maintenanceSatisfaction of A Job Well Done!!! 4. -4-How we can do it? Follow Industry Standards Your experiences/learnings Implement SOLID Principles(Start with SRP Single Responsibility Principle)- function SaveAdress() : // Do Validation & Save Address- function ValidateAddress() : Validate Address- function Save Address() : Save Address Tools Resharper Have Self discipline Patience 5. Resources & References-5-Resharper CodeISBN-13: 000-0132350882 ISBN-10: 0132350882Code CompleteISBN-13: 079-0145196705 ISBN-10: 0735619670Quick Read


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