Building forms and applications with joomla 3

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Almost every website has a simple contact form, but what if you want to do something a little bit fancier? In this talk, we are going to look at how you can make complex forms and applications without any coding, and how you can make these even more powerful with minimal custom code. By the end of this talk, you will have the knowledge and tools to build mobile responsive applications which will have built in content history, CAPTCHA to prevent spam, email triggers, dynamic reporting, export to PDF or excel, and the ability to show/hide questions based on user input. You can get BF Survey from


  • 1.Building forms and applications with Joomla! 3 Presented by Tim Plummer Sydney JUG May 2013

2. Have you had bad experiences with forms & applications in Joomla? 3. Or has it all been sunshine and lollypops? 4. What if a form extension used Joomla standards? No unique interface More familiar and easy to use Template & media overrides 5. What if your unique configuration actually generated Joomla code? 6. Form vs Application Form Simple requirements data entry Fields to complete, and submit Response captured in email/database Application Breaking into multiple steps - only show user what they need to see Flexible workflow Reporting Permissions Audit trail 7. Standard Field Types Text Textarea Radio Checkbox Dropdown Date 8. Mobile responsive and accessible 9. Captcha to prevent spam 10. Single page form 11. Multipage form 12. Multipage tab 13. Attachment uploading 14. Rating question type 15. SQL lookup Populate drop down options via an SQL lookup 16. Show/hide questions based on user input 17. Show/hide questions based on user input 18. Prepopulate data on the form Append &fieldname=yourdata to your URL to pre-populate any field 19. Results graphically represented 20. Dynamic reporting with PDF generation 21. Export to Excel 22. Front end question management 23. Front end question management 24. Come back and finish the form later 25. Built in content version history 26. Customise look with CSS overrides Same form with different CSS applied 27. Layout overrides For example, to move position of CAPTCHA 28. Email Templates 29. Email triggers Initial save When a field changes When a field is a specific value 30. Email invites Unique URLs {uurl} in email invites encrypt username (like Akeeba download id), and pre- populate Name and Email 31. All this in one extension? 32. Can anyone guess? 33. Version 2.0.0 34. System Requirements Joomla 3.2.3 or greater FOF (in core) Bootstrap & jQuery (in core) GD Image Library (provided by most web hosts) 35. Four simple steps 1 create a category 2 add questions to that category 3 add a menu item 4 (optional) create email template 36. Demo time 37. I did promise a special bonus 38. For those that didnt come tonight Sorry, you missed out on the special bonus you snooze, you lose! 39. Questions? 40. Tim Plummer @bfsurvey