Alexa and the Connected Car

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Alexa and the Connected Car

Alexa and the Connected CarEmily Lam

Alexa Conference Jan. 19-21, 2017

Emily LamStudied Linguistics and specialized in Computing at UCLAFront-end Developer at Lieberman SoftwareWon the Worldpay prize at Money 20/20 2nd place at Connected Car hackathon

AgendaWhat is a Connected Car?Hyundai & Ford Alexa SkillAutomobility LA & CES 2017Create an Alexa skill using the Mojio APIRoadBuddyTroubleshooting bugsVoice user interfaceThe state of Artificial IntelligenceFuture of the connected carPrivacy

What is a Connected Car?A car that uses technology to gather information, analyze data, and perform tasks.

What data can you get?SpeedCars GPS location Motion alertsGeofencingRecent trip history

So how does Alexa work witha connected car?

Hyundai Blue Link Skill

Alexa is embedded in the car itself and can do anything an Echo can.

What can Alexa do?Features:Remote start and stop charging electric modelsRemote engine start with climate controlRemote door lock/unlockRemote horn/lights

Ford SYNC 3

The Ford SYNC 3 has an Alexa skill called myFord Mobile.

Alexa is located under Apps > Alexa.

The Ford Skill bridges the gap between your home and car.

UtterancesAlexa,ask myFord to check my battery status.ask myFord to start my car.ask myFord to lock my car.turn on living room lights.set home thermostat to 72 degrees.turn on garage lights.

The key takeaway is that you are able to stay connected to your car when youre at home, and youre able to stay connected to your home when youre in your car.

So now lets build our own skill for the connected car.

Mojio API

Mojio Platform

Mojio collects data from the OBD-II port and sends it to the Mojio server.

RoadBuddyRoadBuddy is a connected car platform that delivers automated real-time road conditions.

For the Alexa skill, you can also report incidents and get road conditions.

RoadBuddy Intent Schema"intents": [ { "intent": "GetReportIntent", "slots": [ { "name": "Incident", "type": "LIST_OF_INCIDENTS" }] },

{ "intent": "GetRoadConditionsIntent", "slots": [ { "name": "Incident", "type": "LIST_OF_INCIDENTS" }] },

Sample UtterancesGetReportIntent report an {Incident}GetReportIntent report a {Incident}GetReportIntent report that {Incident}GetReportIntent report that there's {Incident}GetReportIntent there's {Incident}GetReportIntent {Incident}GetRoadConditionsIntent what are road conditions likeGetRoadConditionsIntent what are road conditions up aheadGetRoadConditionsIntent road conditionsGetRoadConditionsIntent tell me road conditions

Account LinkingAuthorization URLThe url where customers will be redirected in the companion app to enter login credentials.Ex. IdUnique public string used to identify the client requesting for authentication.

Domain List(Optional)The list of domains that the authorization URL will fetch content from. You can provide up to 15 domains.

Scope(Optional)List of permissions to request from the skill user. You can provide up to 15 scopes.

Redirect URLs(Optional)The list of valid HTTPS redirection endpoints that could be requested during authorization to redirect the user back to after the authorization process.

Authorization Grant Type(Optional)Specifies the OAuth authorization grant that Alexa uses to obtain an access token from Mojio.

Access Token URIThis URI will be used for both access token and token refresh requests.Ex.

Client SecretGiven by Mojio

Client Authentication SchemeHTTP Basic or Credentials in request body

Privacy Policy URL

Configure a Mojio object with the following key/value pairs.

Call the function before you register the handlers.

Create a variable outside of the handlers object and set it equal to this to avoid getting a null error.

Use mojio_client to get data.

Use self.emit for Alexa to say something.

Get data from lambda request.

State of Artificial IntelligenceArtificial intelligence was coined by John McCarthy in 1956.

Defining Artificial IntelligenceThe ability to learn and solve problemsThink like a human (How a brain functions, cognitive science)Act like a human (Turing test)Think rationally (Using logical formulas)Act rationally (Design intelligent systems to maximize goals)

Alexa and AIAlexa has the ability to learn and solve problems. Can Alexa think like a human? No. It is optimized to perform complex tasks and cannot multi-task.Can Alexa act like a human? Not so much but it can sing and show signs of humor.Can Alexa think rationally? Yes. It can apply algorithms and functions. Can Alexa act rationally? Yes. Ex. It can figure out the nearest pizza place and buy items from Amazon.

State of Artificial IntelligenceNeeds to be more conversational More data = better machine learning

The Future of the Connected CarMore skills, more integrations. Ex. Volkswagen will be integrating with Alexa7000+ skills on the Alexa app

Consumers increasingly want to stay connected to their homes while on the move - Don Butler, Connected Vehicle and Services executive director of Ford

Self-driving cars

Have cars talk to one anotherEx. One car experiences black ice on the road and other cars are alerted to avoid that area.

Be more efficient

Predict safer routes

Have better car maintenance

Amazon delivery to car trunks with help of Alexa

Article by Tylor Orton: well be able to pop [your] trunk and allow Amazon to deliver packages securely there, which will make it more convenient for the customers and a lot more efficient for Amazon to deliver to cars even faster. Kenny Hawk, Mojio CEO

Privacy concernsAmazons Echo & Dot are always onRecords your voice after wake word and transfers it to a processor for analysisInformation is stored on Amazons serversCan delete your data

Murder in ArkansasVictor Collins was killed and his body was found in his friends hot tub. There was an Amazon Echo near the crime scene. Law enforcement agents asked Amazon to turn over the audio and other records but they refused. Alexa be used against you?The issue of using speech recordings as evidence

Ultimately, we must find a balance between privacy and convenience. And in the end, Alexa is an incredibly powerful tool and will continue to advance the field of artificial intelligence.


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