6 Reasons Why You Should Take Your Business Online.

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1. 6 Reasons why you should take your business online.Ecommerce24 is a pioneering ecommerce solutions and webdevelopment provider in India. Having a list of prestigious clientele, wecontinue to convert online business ideas in reality by providing smoothend to end solutions tailored for your business. As most Indian businessowners know the potential of online presence but are still hesitant, welist down 6 reasons why a business should have an online presence.PresenceWe live in a world where mobile devices outnumber humans. If yourebusiness in not online yet, you are losing out on a lot. Small businessowners, who have taken the online step, are enjoying the sweet taste ofsuccess and brand expansion. When your business in online, it givesbrand value and goodwill to your trade. Irrespective of the size of yourcompany, in todays age a website is a must have for all business owners.SalesIts time to think outside the brick and mortar store. Your business couldtap on nationwide sales through your website. An online presence hasshow to have massive impact on sales, with owner who has a websiteearning about 3 times higher revenues compared to their counterpartswho do not have an online presence.Reach demographic marketYour business could cater to different age groups but not all age groupscan visit your store during operation hours. By having an onlinepresence you could cater to all ages of customers, the age groups ofchildren and teens, who do not have the purchasing power, can be 2. attracted and converted into influencers for purchase decisions. Thusexpanding your demographic appeal.24 Hour availabilityYou wish you could keep your store open 24hrs a day 7 days a week butyour staff wont agree to that. An online presence solves this for you inthe most cost effect way possible. Saving you on energy of labour andelectricity, staff payments, office space rent and much more. Your onlinebusiness is automated to stay perfect and provide full functionalitywithout any human interference. This helps you keep your businessonline 24 x 7 and the customers can contact you or get information aboutyour trade at a time that is convenient to them. A win - win for all.Break geographic boundariesWhen you start your business you try to reach maximum sales, but ifyours is a local business, all you will get is local customers. Why limityour business to a few kilometers when you can operate on a nationallevel. Break the geographical boundaries by establishing a strong onlinepresence for your brand. This not only ensures business expansion, butalso new customer points of view and feedback.Cost effectiveExpanding a business no more means start a new physical store in a newlocation. That age old method requires time to setup, added staff,furniture and a number of legal formalities all of which cost a lot ofmoney. While an online store is an investment that allows yourcustomers to get a one stop shop for all their needs. From productinformation, to a buy online option to customer care, all in one place for afraction of the price of setting up a physical store.