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Your brand social | Social media packages for SMC Small and medium companies. [for EU]. Your brand social, is a range of packaged services to bring your brand, company, organization, public figure, cause, Ngo-Npo to [Social Media] from the beginning to the most advanced services. With the packages you access: Part One: "Your brand social" [1- Creation #Identity] [2- #Community #Management] Part Two: "Take care about your brand" Social media #Monitoring #Trends #Influence #Influencers Part Three: "A blog for your brand" Corporate Blog & content Part Four: "Advertise social" Social media #Advertising [View the slides attached] Over these packaged services - The shown packages are available separately and beyond you can consult us for a tailored service offer - Advices. Get 10% off until September 10 by mentioning the article in Slide share [Code: SSHAREAugust14] These services are offered by Sovereign-Knight .COM


<ul><li> 1. Sovereign-knight.com SOCIAL MEDIA | PACKAGES YOUR BRAND SOCIAL PART ONE FOREUROPE #SMC FOR SMALL &amp; MEDIUM COMPANIES </li></ul> <p> 2. Sovereign-knight.com Today in 2014, the Social media is ubiquitous - almost everyone uses Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, G+ or any other one of the countless other platforms. Be present in social media is a It would be like losing its position within the network which would mean to be apart of the social media and utlimately be out of reach from the public In short, your brand off , away from your cutomers, outside of your market. For a XXI St century brand "to be or not to be" #social is no longer the question. simple evidence 3. Sovereign-knight.com The first thing to do is to create, build and set up your social media #identity in line with your strategy and targets. We can start from scratch or using your current profile. What we do - basically logic suggests that we use majors current networks : Beyond that we can also deliver an unlimited and bespoke service. It only remains to choose your package BUILD YOUR BRAND #IDENTITY #SOCIAL 4. 500 /One fee 750 /One fee 1,000 /One fee 1,500 /One fee * SOCIALMEDIA|PACKAGES C H O O S E Y O U R P A C K A G E _ R A T E S THE STARTER Essential [Step 1] #IDENTITY Create &amp; build your brands identity on social media THE REGULAR Blue THE A D D I C T Silver THE A C T I V AT O R Gold [You have already start your S.M profiles? We reduce -15% on [step 1] when you select a Addict /Silver or Activator/Gold ] Sovereign-knight.com #unlimited Social Media channels *from 1,500 for maximum 9 networks, After for more we ask +155 per additional one 5. Sovereign-knight.com The second thing to do is to manage your community into the social media. Now you are on the place, but you'll have to make things happen to start the conversation with your audience fans &amp; followers. What we do We activate, make grow, manage your community. We provide a number of [ACTION]* per network per month. *action: publish any content, article, photo, visual It only remains to choose your package MAKE THINGS HAPPEN 6. THE ACTIVATOR Gold THE ADDICT Silver THE REGULAR BlueTHE STARTER Essential 4ACTIIONS 2NETWORKS 8ACTIIONS 4NETWORKS 16ACTIIONS 5NETWORKS UNLIMITED ACTIONS &amp; NETWORKS Sovereign-knight.com [Step 2] #COMMUNITY #MANAGEMENT Manage&amp;activateyourbrandscommunityonsocialmedia SOCIALMEDIA|PACKAGES *from: for maximum 9 networks, After for more we ask +85 per additional one C H O O S E Y O U R P A C K A G E _ R A T E S 250 /Pm 375 /Pm 500 /Pm from 795 /Pm * 7. Sovereign-knight.com SOCIAL MEDIA | MONITORING TAKE CARE ABOUT YOUR BRAND PART ONE FOREUROPE#SMC FOR SMALL &amp; MEDIUM COMPANIES PART TWO FOREUROPE 8. Sovereign-knight.com It's time to take care of your brand presence on social media, internet and more globally in general. This option allows you to monitor, secure, refined your strategy. Beyond statistics, imagine If you know what people are saying We use innovative products and services to perform the most efficient monitoring for your brand, company, organization. WHAT THEY SAY #TRENDS #INFLUENCERS #INFLUENCE #LIVE BRAND MANEGEMENT #REPUTATION #REPORTING #CRISIS MANAGEMENT #RADAR 9. Sovereign-knight.com Keep an eye on the social media for various reasons: What we do [option 1 | Service]: We assist you by providing an adapted Social media #monitoring service. Including: *Reporting [Monthly|Weekly|Daily] *Live care monitoring alert *Trends meeting [Expert&amp;Bigbrother] *Dedicated Social Media Expert [Bigbrother] [Options 2: Monitoring in house | Tools &amp; applications] We advise &amp; assist you to choose #tools &amp; applications + training. Youll pay for licence &amp; subscription commitment. THE VALUE OF KNOWLEDGE Identify #TRENDS #INFLUENCERS #INFLUENCE #REPUTATION #REPORTING #ANTICIPATE #CRISIS Management #MEASURING #BENCHMARK COMPETITORS ASK AN OFFER 10. Sovereign-knight.com [Option 1 | Service] SOCIAL MEDIA #MONITORING #TRENDS Take car about your brand on social media SOCIALMEDIA|MONITORING C H O O S E Y O U R P A C K A G E _ R A T E S Starter choice [Beginning basis] * 275 /pm Expert choice [Essential pro] * 975 /pm BigBrother choice [FULL Service] 1,475 /pm *Options:. +Reporting Week/Day *Trends meeting Monthly +Dedicated team 11. Sovereign-knight.com SOCIAL MEDIA | BLOG A BLOG FOR YOUR BRAND #SMC FOR SMALL &amp; MEDIUM COMPANIES PART THREE FOREUROPE 12. Sovereign-knight.com acompany blog is a different way to generate your content for your brand, company, organization. {Corporate or Company blog} is a blog that is published and used by an organization, corporation, to reach its organizational goals. The advantage of blogs is that posts and comments are easy to reach and follow due to centralized hosting and generally structured conversation threads. Although there are many different types of corporate blogs, most can be categorized as either external or internal. Probably the most easy and adapted content media tool for sharing on social media What we do If you do not have one: We create and advise you. We Post content on your Blog and/or we generate content by writing New Posts on your blog. (See our package and rates). *See also a Wiki for your brand, company, organization (definition of wiki) for example for Technology or White paper contents. Internal Blog Customers Tech Wiki White paper Making of 13. LOG Sovereign-knight.com [Option] #BLOG #CONTENT A Blog for your brand SOCIALMEDIA|BLOG-CONTENT *Exclude copywriting +10 per line or 255 /fee/per article posted C H O O S E Y O U R P A C K A G E _ R A T E S Build a Blog from 295 /one fee Blog | Content 75 /per post + Sharing Social media * 14. Sovereign-knight.com SOCIAL MEDIA | ADVERTISING ADVERTISE SOCIAL PART FOUR FOREUROPE #SMC FOR SMALL &amp; MEDIUM COMPANIES 15. Sovereign-knight.com Last but not least , "What would a brand and communication, without advertising. As it should you have invested the social media with your brand. You can increase your presence &amp; customers by advertising on social media [Paying Advertisement] What we do We suggest the best strategy, choice of (social) media, planning, campaign management and reporting. Suits your targets and budget. We only charge a percentage on the media campaign budget. *No setup fee over 500 budget, if not 250 setup fee per campaign * Excluding creations, display-banners-formats adaptations, landing pages ... We can provide these services for a fee based on an Hourly-Daily fee. Ad Me If You Can 16. Sovereign-knight.com [Option] #ADVERTISING Social Media Advertising SOCIALMEDIA|ADVERTISING *Budget per campaign-planning ordered **No setup fee over 500 / month campaign budget if not 250 fee C H O O S E Y O U R P A C K A G E _ R A T E S A SPOT IN THE SUNSHIRE? SHOW THEM SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTING Y o u r a d v e r t i s i n g p l a c e #SOCIAL MEDIA ADS STRATEGY-PLANNING BUYING-REPORTING [Rates % Fee] 10%</p>