Why Being On Social Media Is Important

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<ol><li> 1. Why Being On Social Media Is Important? Felt a difference when you don't keep up with Social Media Regularly? Yes that the feeling when you dont use social networking websites like Millioninone, Facebook, and Twitter by your side. Even at work you can take a sneak peak and check your social media account, everything is just the way you left it, this is a common thing which people carrying a mobile or a lappy do. If you're not a business and not using social media your incompetence can cost you to lose many followers and potential customers. Here are some reasons why it's important to stay active on your social media accounts: Makes You Look Genuine: Love it or hate it, if you keep posting some content on your social media accounts every once in a while, and dont reply back to them on Millioninone and Facebook, people will start making assumptions that you arent customer centric. You should respond to their queries on time, if you listen to them theyll feel connected to your organization. Keeps Your Followers Intrigued: There should always be a balance while posting blogs or articles on social networks. Firstly, you don't want to keep on spamming, Secondly, you're there and participating in conversations and forums. If there lies a huge gap in your frequency of posting, then people will begin to wonder why should they should follow you at all, and many will stop following you also. Reminds People You Are Active: Does everyone knows about you? No not everyone knows about your company, but if you are active on social media; it will always keep you noticed, and gives your audience a reminder that you're still there. But when the time for making a purchase, they know your company name. If you're going to participate in social media (which you should!) it's better if you use a couple of social networks, rather than signing up on every network.There's limited time you can spend on social media, so using this time wisely is important and participating regularly and enthusiastically will really give your results. You'll definitely notice a difference in how people respond back to you that will eventually fetch a good word of mouth. How much time per week do you give to social media marketing? Start spending more time now and reap the results! Source: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-being-social-media-important-sachin-cis MillionInOne.com </li></ol>