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How to Cheat at creating visual content: Visual content tips and resources on a budget

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  • 1. How to "Cheat" at Visual Content

2. Wait. Can You Really Cheat atVisual Content?Ha. Not Exactly.You'll have to do some work to create great visuals.But there are a few ways to make it easier, cheaperor faster to make your point with visuals.By "Cheat" I mean "do it better/cheaper/faster"(Without the major quality loss.) 3. Who's downwith OPP?O Is for Other. P is for peopleThe last P? Well, as Treach would say, that'snot that simple.. The last P is for picture orphoto of course.But you can't Always use other people'sproperty.So look for images that have a CreativeCommons License.O.P.PI "repurposed" a hip-hop title for this slideSo much for rap music not being inspirational... 4. O.P.P. ResourcesCreative CommonsLicenses spell out whatpermissions you have touse someone else'simage.FoterThis tool searches Flickr forimages, and gives you cutand paste code to placethem on your site that links tothe original.PhotodropperWP PluginCreative common searches. Thisdoes something similar fromwithin your WordPress blog, andsaves the image locally. You can go straight tothe source too.Or use Google Imageswith search tools on.Don't forget pictures you've uploaded.You could even set out to take pictures for your post if you plan in advance. 5. I tried to outsourcemy homework ingrade school. Canyou believe I almostgot kicked out for thisvaluable life skill?Let someone else do it faster,and better.You don't have to do it all. Concentrateon what you do best, and let someoneon Fiverr or Odesk do the rest. OutsourceHow much is your time worth?If your time is worth $100 an hour, hire people to do your $25 an hour work. Win/win. 6. You can usePicmonkey to addwords to existingimagesHold onto this thought for a second"Thought bubbles."Step oneQuote fromyourcontent..Step twoType thatquote onan imageTry a memegenerator whenrelated news istrending."Quote." 7. I'm so Flawless myideas have ideas.Actually that idea iswhy I picked thistemplate. Was itworth it or nah?A Visual Skeleton for your idea mayalready exist.Powtoon, Google Drive, MicrosoftTemplates & Canva are all great resources forvisual content prepped for you in editabletemplates.Borrow someone else's taste if like me, creating avisual isn't your jam. Thought bubbles are one of theeasiest visual templates from Canva, by the way.TemplatesSome tools make it as easy as editing aPowerPoint template. 8. Colors. Colors. Colors. ColorsIt's amazing how much you can jazz up a blog post,document or photo by adding or even removing color.Try adding a light colored background, changing thecolor of header titles, or using a colored border in adocument. You can also use colors to emphasize a pointor as a cue to group concepts.Palettes HelpI'm one of the rarer types who conceptualizes in words. It's harderfor me to visualize how things should look but easy to decidewhat they should say.If you share this issue, look in formatting menus in documents forpre-set color palettes. You can also find color families bysearching "color picker" in Google.Try Googling "color palette generator"It'll give you families of colors that go together, often with hexadecimalcodes. 9. Present Data VisuallySo many concepts areeasier to grasp visually.Think ChartsYou can use pie charts,graphs, diagrams or evenshapesTry Infographic ToolsEven if you don't want tocreate a full blowninfographic,there are manytools you can use to sharedata, numbers or stats about atopic.Here are a few of my favorite datavisualization tools.Some are completely free. 10. Video your screenShy? Don't feel likeprepping for thecamera? Captureyour screen withSnagIt, or onlinescreen recording tools."Show Me."Sketch & shareIf you're good atconveying concepts bydrawing, considercapturing your MindMaps or Whiteboardrenderings.Can you showinstead of tell?How-toinformation is stillsome of the mostpopular online.Video yourselfGot a camerathat shoots in HD?Go for it.Remember soundquality counts too.People find watching you do it usefulYou can't please everyone in terms of detail, so do as much or as little as makes sense. 11. StorifyCurate multiple sources of astory, in various formats, intoone collection.ThinglinkEver want to annotate apicture? Try it.Curate.List.lyLists gone both visualand social - curate withuser input if you wish.More ToolsHere's an article I wrote about thiswith more tools & details, withlinks.5 essential (and free!)content curation toolsCuration needs context for best results.Add your insight, story, experience - don't just tell them what someone else said. 12. Get thosepeoplesomepeoplePeople like looking at otherpeople's facesTypically happy, smiling faces, butinteresting or funny can work tooNo one has ever said"wow that stock photorocks"Share real people's faces inreal situations whenever youcan.Introduce them to yourstaffTell employee stories - orbetter yet, let them shareMeet Your CustomersLet them meet each othertoo. Enable them to shareideas, photos, videos.Not just them using yourproduct either.Don't forget videoStart with the shirt and sweet.Attention spans are at at alltime--- SQUIRREL! 13. Not every joke I made was a goodone.But they made ME laugh. Whichmade this fun. So thanks for that.Questions? Comments?Really interesting story about a monkey?Tinu Abayomi-Paulsupport@asktinu.com702.508.8468 (cell #)Your story doesn't have to be about monkeys.Or marketing for that matter. It might just be fun to say hi.