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Audience Research

Survey MonkeyI used an internet website called Survey Monkey to locate my audience. In my survey I asked question related to music, magazines and identity. This is so I can create a picture of what my audience might like and be interested in. So it will be easier for me to make a magazine that the audience will read and find fascinating.

First Question: Gender? I wanted to find out my audiences gender to create a picture of what content the magazine might have. For instance, if the audience contains more females than males, the interviews might be about musicians that fits their interest. I chose to put other as an option if the person do not know, do not want to tell or do not classify themselves as either male or female. The survey shows that 50% of the audience is female, 41,67% is male and 8,33% is other. This tells me that I have to create my magazine so it fits both female and male interests. For instance consider my commercials to communicate to male and female.

How old are you?

Second question: How old are you?I wanted to find out how old my audience is, because it gives me a pointy stick on what type of music they might like, the age of the musician they fancy, how much money they have or earn, etc.83,33% of the audience that answered my survey are in the age between 15-20 years old, and the rest is around 40-50 years old. Since there is a such big gap between the percent and age, I will mainly focus the contents of my magazine so it fits the interest of the general 17 year old. I can do that by including an interview of younger and newer musicians, because it makes the audience feel connected and they recognise themselves. I can also connect the commercials so it fits the age group, and in this way lower the price of the magazine so the consumers can afford it, but have the right ads so the magazine will have a lot of income.

Third question: How much money would you prefer to spend on a magazine?I asked how much money they would like to spend on a magazine because it creates an ide of how much commercials the consumer would like and how much money they prefer to spend. The more expensive the magazine is, the more quality and exclusive stuff will it contain. The answer here is really spread. 33,33% want a really cheap magazine that costs 1-2 and the same amount of percent want a magazine that costs 3-4. This might give me an idea that I should prise my magazine somewhere in-between 1-4.

Fourth Question: What music genre do you like the best?I asked this question to get an ide of what music genre my magazine should have, so I do not end up writing about music that most people are not interested in. I wrote the 9 different genres that I could think off, but I know there exists more, so I included an other, if the audience are interested in something else. 33,33% have chosen pop as their favourite genre, but rock and indie is tided with only one vote under, with 25%. This means that the magazine should contain a mix of pop, indie and rock music. Those are quite similar genres and fits with the age of the audience. This also means that I can not include genres like jazz, classic, metal cultural etc. because no one in the survey has chosen them.

Fifth Question: What do you like the most in magazine? I asked the question what do you like most in a magazine because I wanted to find out what most people look for in one. In this way I know what my magazine is going to contain and what catches peoples attention. 50% of the people who answered my survey said that they where interested in photographs in magazines. 16,67% said reviews and 33,33% said the articles/interviews. I am going to include all the answered ones in the magazine, but focus mainly on having many good photographs that tell the story. This also reflects back on the audiences age, because they are younger and less educated and therefore more interested in pictures than heavy texts.

What income do you have?

Sixth Question: What income do you have?I asked this question because it gives me a picture of what my magazine shall contain. If it is read by the middle class or the upper middle class I need music that fits their live style, and maybe they will have liked more text than pictures. But if it is mostly students who is going to read the music magazine I will need to write about musicians who fits their lifestyle, more photographs than text because students tend to read enough at school. 66,67% said that they were students, 8,33% said that they were upper middle class or middle class, and 16,67% said that they did not have an income. This means that it will be most students who will read the magazine. I then need to create content that fits students interest. Like have many photographs, young musicians, have a low price on the magazine so they can afford it, etc.

Seventh Question: Are you interested in electronics?I asked if the audience were interested in electronics because then I know which medium to reach them. If the audience is not interested at all, I can reach out to them with a printed magazine, monthly or weekly. But if they are interested in computers, iPads etc. then I can get a hold of them through apps, internet sides etc. as well as a printed copy. 8,33% said that they were not interested in electronics, but the rest answered that they were. So this means that I can reach out to my audience with exclusive stuff in apps and on internet sides. This way the magazine can earn extra money can use on special interviews, photographs, competitions etc.

Eight Question: Are you a big music collector?

I asked people if they were interested in music, because then I know exactly how much I should focus on the music in the magazine. And if music is not very important to people, I can have more articles about musicians, gossip, etc. 8,33% said that they were not really interested in music, 41,67% said that yeah, it was important, but 50% said that they could not live without it. In other words this means that I can focus much on music, because most people find it important.

Ninth Question: Are you a big music collector?I asked this question to get a picture of what type of music people are interested in. I have asked the genre, but is it the new hip stuff they like or is it the old classics on vinyl. 16,67% said simply that they were not a big music collector, 41,67% said not really a big collector, 8% said that they collected a bit, 16,67% said yeah they were, and at last 16,67% said they were into LPs, CDs etc. In other words, the answers are very spread which means that the audiences interest is spread as well. This means that I can write about new musicians and old classics.

Tenth Question: Which medium do you use the most when listening to music?I asked the audience which medium they use when listening to music. I asked this because it gives me an ide of what medium to write about when recommending an artist. It also is helping if creating a competition, for instance, if people use iTunes the most, I can make the price an iTunes gift card, because then fits the audience. 8,33% said that they use CDs, 16,67% said that they use Tidal, 8,33% said they use YouTube and 66,67% said that they use Spotify. This means that most people use Spotify as their musical medium. So by bringing Spotify into my magazine it connects with the audience because they recognise themselves because they use it. And if I decides to create a competition and I use Spotify as the price, people will be interested in it.