SocialPro 2015: Instagram Insta-Success

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  1. 1. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis Jenn Deering Davis, PhD Editor-in-Chief, Union Metrics Instagram Insta-Success #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis
  2. 2. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis Instagram occupies a special place in our social media world. In five short years, more than 40 billion photos have been shared on the platform and Instagram now has more than 400 million monthly active users.
  3. 3. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis 50,000 new photos were shared on Instagram in the past 60 seconds. Thats 80 million new photos and 3.5 billion new likes every single day.
  4. 4. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis So how you can tap into this huge, vibrant community and get the most exposure for your content, the most bang for your marketing buck?
  5. 5. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis Whats the best time to post to Instagram?
  6. 6. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis Find your timing Instagram is very active on nights and weekends. Brands should post content outside typical US business hours. Your experience will vary so test, test, test.
  7. 7. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis How often should you post on Instagram?
  8. 8. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis Content lifetime 10% of likes happen in the rst 15 minutes. 90% of a posts likes and comments happen in the rst 12.8 hours. Most Instagram content lives up to 3 days.
  9. 9. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis Posting frequency Most brands post an average of 1.5 times per day. Thats 1-2 posts per weekday. Only a few brands post 10 or more times per day.
  10. 10. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis Finding the right cadence Post 1-2 times a day to maximize engagement. Stick to a regular posting schedule. Dont stop posting for long periods of time.
  11. 11. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis How can you get more engagement with your Instagram content?
  12. 12. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis Post engagement Brand accounts receive 100-150 likes to every comment. Posts get an average 4.3% engagement rate. The median is 3.5%. Most brands receive 1.4 comments per person in a month. Most brands receive 3.5 likes per person in a month.
  13. 13. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis The right content Post only high-quality photos and videos. Photos get more engagement than videos on Instagram. Stick to the Instagram aesthetic.
  14. 14. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis The right hashtags The right hashtags can increase engagement with your content by 30% or more. Research a hashtag before using it. Find the hashtags that work best for your content. Try a variety of new hashtags on your posts to see what works. Use a combination of large popular hashtags, as well as niche, lower-volume hashtags.
  15. 15. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis Hashtag etiquette Use 3-10 hashtags per post. Consider adding hashtags in a comment separate from the caption. Do not add new hashtags to older posts.
  16. 16. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis tl;dr Instagram content is a lot more evergreen than people give it credit for. Keep up a steady cadence of new content. If you stop posting, you will lose followers. Use hashtags to reach new audiences and boost content discovery. If youre going to start an Instagram account, be prepared to commit to it - dont let it stagnate.
  17. 17. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis To be successful on Instagram, be authentic while embracing the mediums particular characteristics, measure your efforts, listen to the community, and continue to improve your content strategy.
  18. 18. #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis @jdeeringdavis Thank you! #socialpro #23A2 @jdeeringdavis Join us @SMX WEST San Jose, CA March 1-3, 2016