Social Media: Your Brand & Image

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I was asked to present as part of the Professional Advantage lecture series at Kansas State University. I spoke to the students about the differences in privacy settings, interactions and provided hints and tips for what to do and what not to do on social media while they search for jobs.


  • 2. JubeoSocial #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 3. Facebook v. Twitter #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 4. The Numbers Facebook has amassed 1B active users (1,000,000,000 people) who spend an average of 6.75 hours interacting with the site per month Twitter is now at 200M active users who have tweeted, on average, 307 times As 2012 came to a close, 56% of the US population had created a profile on one of the previous social networks #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 5. Significance? #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 6. Quote "Social media is a spectacular concept. It can be any tool that facilitates conversation on the web, a canvas for self-expression, a pin board for interesting information, a newsfeed (of the nonFacebook type) in real time, a gallery of trending topics and a platform that bridges the gap between the successful and the ambitious. It is a living, breathing and ever-evolving mass of knowledge and commentary that can be harnessed for both bad and good. Me within my cover letter for Trozzolo Communications Group #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 7. Interaction reciprocal [ri-sip-ruh kuhl] Adjective 1.given or felt by each toward the other; mutual: reciprocal respect. Ex. Facebook friend request #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 8. The Power of Search #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 9. Broadcasting Twitter doesnt require permission from the other party in order for you to share your thoughts and opinions. This will hereby be known as broadcasting. #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 10. Why It Matters #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 11. Offline v. Online #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 12. Dos and Donts #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 13. Personal Tips Post about articles that are relevant to your area of study. Provide commentary for these articles dont just be a spam bot. Be human. Tweet about dressing down for a day or about the big game but dont flood your TL with it. Connect other social networks. I personally connect foursquare and post some Instagram pics. It shows depth and understanding of modern day tech. #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 14. Ramsey Mohsen Director of Social Media at DEG Digital Mr. Mohsen takes a thorough look at his applicants social resumes before he decides on new-hires. He stated the following as pros and cons: Twitter: @rm #SMYBI Swearing Inappropriate pictures Grammar Inappropriate uses of the channel Bullying + What do they read? + What do they retweet? + Do they provide intellectual commentary? @bpaint
  • 15. J Biebs Social King #SMYBI Justin Frickin Bieber has 34.3M followers @bpaint
  • 16. Lady Gaga Social Queen #SMYBI Lady Gaga has 34M Little Monsters @bpaint
  • 17. Dont Be Like These Guys #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 18. My Success #SMYBI @bpaint
  • 19. Final Words "Create experiences that leave you in awe, for these will be the highlights of your life." Ryan Blair If there is something in life that you want, go get it. #SMYBI @bpaint


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