Social Media Fast Track 2013 - Asia Pacific

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Everything you need to know about Social Media in Thailand and Asia Pacific.


<ul><li> 1. Website: Email: LinkedIn: BAM-Social-Media-Services </li> <li> 2. PART 1Modules Three 1- Overview Social Media Marketing overview donts 2- Dos and Case studies 3- ROI Workshop </li> <li> 3. Why make professional use of Social Media? Nearly 1 in 4 people in the world are active on social networks (emarketeer) Your customers, your competitors, your employees and your prospects are on social media. </li> <li> 4. Social Interaction people communicating with people relationship marketing listen, understand and implement what your consumers are asking for humanise your brand </li> <li> 5. STATISTICS &amp; FACTS </li> <li> 6. Market Study 2013 Source: 2013 s o c i a l m e d i a m a r k e t i n g i n d u s t r y r e p o r t M.A Stelzner Top 5 benefits of social media marketing: Increased exposure Increased traffic Marketplace insight Brand loyalty Generate leads </li> <li> 7. Business Impact 86% of marketers consider social media important. Important </li> <li> 8. A Marketing revolution 75% of marketers started using social media marketing in the last three years. &lt; 1 year Marketing budgets shift fast to Social Media. 1-2 years 2-3 years </li> <li> 9. Leading tools (incl China)- Asia Pacific region dominates the social media landscape </li> <li> 10. And... Thailand? Zocial Inc. </li> <li> 11. The Social Media Clutter Top five platforms delivering results: Facebook 92% Twitter 80% LinkedIn 70% Blogging 58% YouTube 56% </li> <li> 12. Facebook Branding your products Reach new people Interact with your audience Generate demand (Pull Marketing) </li> <li> 13. 5 Facebook Power Tips Develop a Content Strategy Develop a Posting Schedule Build and engage Increase your audience using Ads Use your tabs wisely </li> <li> 14. Facebook Business Basics Create a professional Facebook Page Use a compelling cover photo Personalize &amp; show who you are Use variety in all your posts K-I-S-S </li> <li> 15. [NLP Page] </li> <li> 16. Facebook Ad Campaigns Ad Campaign Campaign Reach Responses Prospective Event Attendees 421 people Budget Amount Spent Ad Campaign 1 (Promote Manchester United event) Ad Campaign 2 (Increase Page Likes) Ad Campaign 3 (Promote FTCC event) Ad Campaign 4 (Promote Red Passion event) 170,328 people 399 Event Responses 2 USD/day 63.80 USD 53,179 people 1,068 Page Likes - 5 USD/day 74.41 USD 296,385 people 75 Event Responses 70 people 4 USD/day 39.6 USD 135,026 people 51 Event Responses 73 people 4 USD/day 16 USD </li> <li> 17. LinkedIn Show and share your expertise Find and interact with Potential Employees Customers Suppliers Peers Learn and gain knowledge </li> <li> 18. LinkedIn Business Basics Quality picture Background and experience Build your network carefully Communicate with your contacts Company page Join groups Add value and knowledge to conversations </li> <li> 19. 5 LinkedIn Power Tips Make your profile easy to find: example Choose your Groups strategically Personalize your connect invitations Avoid spamming Meet people in person GROUP ME YOU </li> <li> 20. Spam is easily recognised... </li> <li> 21. YouTube Thailand users uploaded 5.3 million videos on YouTube ( 2,500 videos uploaded / day 630,000 YouTube channels created by Thailand users </li> <li> 22. YouTube Business Basics Link back to your website Call To Action Fill out your descriptions thoroughly Title, tags, description, category Interact with other members Show your personality </li> <li> 23. Twitter 2 million Twitter users in Thailand 5.5 Tweets / day on average 200 Active users / day </li> <li> 24. Twitter Business Basics Choose the right username To identify your business Short enough (10-15 characters) for mentions Write a captivating Twitter bio Explain your business to a complete stranger Upload a professional image </li> <li> 25. 5 Social Media Power Tips Be present on different platforms Post valuable content regularly Develop a strategic Social Media plan Find out where your customers are online Invest time daily and be consistent </li> <li> 26. WORKSHOP </li> <li> 27. Workshop per team List in order of importance the Social Media Marketing tools you currently use for your business (individual) Motivate (why?) Compare and share in team </li> <li> 28. PART 2 Dos and Donts Workshop 2 </li> <li> 29. Don't Unrealistic expectations Transform your brand overnight Turn bad customer service into stellar Push Sales Failure to execute Daily activity is necessary Numbers Game Likes or Followers </li> <li> 30. Dont Too much focus on Sales Hard Sell Soft Sell Not providing valuable information Spamming Lack of Social Media talent Looking into your organization </li> <li> 31. Whats wrong here? </li> <li> 32. Come on, using a celebrities death as a way to get a like is just </li> <li> 33. Whats wrong here? </li> <li> 34. NRA sent this tweet a few hours after the Colorado shooting. When something this tragic happens, choose your words carefully. </li> <li> 35. Whats wrong here? </li> <li> 36. Secrets for Success (Do) Define your objectives New audience / Growth User Engagement Branding Market insight Select your tools well Which Social Network(s) does your audience use? When? How? </li> <li> 37. Secrets for Success (Do) Slideshare presentations Infographics Comics or memes or animated GIFs Consistency is key Post regularly Time/s of day </li> <li> 38. Learn from Analytics Fans online Post Types Understanding your demographics Gender Location Language </li> <li> 39. Learn from Analytics Reach Number of people who have seen any activity Posts, posts by other people, ads, mentions, check-ins Engagement Positive: Number of people who liked, commented, shared or clicked Negative: unlikes, hides, report as spam </li> <li> 40. Secrets for Success (Do) Create a content strategy What to post? Variety: images, video, quotes, tips, humor Timing, Holidays, Events Avoid boring content Engagement strategy? Ask questions / poll Fill in the blanks Caption this </li> <li> 41. Tips from the Pros (Facebook) Use images to amplify your message Post with CTA (Call To Action) Offer promotions (vouchers, discounts) Run a contest Increase Event attendees Optimize your Facebook Ads for your intended action </li> <li> 42. Tips from the Pros (LinkedIn) Communicate with your LinkedIn connections Post valuable information on your LinkedIn Profile Build and optimize your LinkedIn Company Page Interact with members of your LinkedIn Group Get the attention of influencers </li> <li> 43. Tips from the Pros (Twitter) The 4-1-1 rule Share valuable information 4x Retweet valuable information 1x Tweet to promote your brand 1x Contribute to the conversations taking place See what topics are trending and relate to your brand if possible </li> <li> 44. Tips from the Pros (Social Media) Focus on the platforms where your customers are Choose your images wisely Build online influence Make real life connections Make following/follower management part of your routine </li> <li> 45. Social Media: the 3 biggest strategic business mistakes 1- Not having a social media presence. 2- Having an unprofessional social media presence. 3- Not having a well defined strategy and goals. </li> <li> 46. WORKSHOP </li> <li> 47. Workshop per team Define your social media strategies Goals Audience Preferred Media Visibility Traffic Engagement &amp; Reach Leads New Customers </li> <li> 48. PART 3 Define and allocate Social Media Budgets Q&amp;A </li> <li> 49. Rule of Thumb Allocate 15% to 20% of your marketing budget 6 months minimum initial project Plan and strategy (3 weeks) Create foundation (3 weeks) Manage and improve Never try never know: use various tools &amp; techniques Measure and feedback Compare results of SMM versus other Marketing Projects Adapt budget % versus highest ROI </li> <li> 50. Social Media Funnel and Measurement Steps Visibility Traffic Engagement &amp; Reach Leads New Customers Measurement tools Impressions Visits, Clicks Likes, Share, Comments OPT-In Buy </li> <li> 51. Social Media ROI (Research) 4 out of 5 consumers say they would be more inclined to buy a brand after being exposed to Social Media (IAB UK Research) 83% of consumers exposed to Social Media would trial a brands product (IAB UK Research) 1 out of 3 shoppers say they were introduced to a brand or changed their opinion about a brand because of Social Media </li> <li> 52. Social Media ROI (Examples from Social Media Today) 1. Coffee Groundz Channel used: Twitter Used it as a direct ordering channel Sales and market share increased 25% 2. Vitabiotics Channels used: Twitter, Facebook, and blog Built a community of 13,000 Saves the company hundreds of thousands annually vs. traditional research and test marketing </li> <li> 53. Social Media ROI (Case studies) 3. Jimmy Choo Channel used: Twitter Geo-located and featured upscale stores that sell their sneakers Sneaker sales increased 33% 40% increase in positive tweets and messages 4. Kraft/Toblerone Channels used: Company website and multiple social networks used in the Philipines Established October 20th as the countrys National Thank You Day Drove 500,000 website visits Sales of Toblerone increased 132% </li> <li> 54. Social Media ROI (Case studies) 3. Jimmy Choo Channel used: Twitter Geo-located and featured upscale stores that sell their sneakers Sneaker sales increased 33% 40% increase in positive tweets and messages 4. Kraft/Toblerone Channels used: Company website and multiple social networks used in the Philippines Established October 20th as the countrys National Thank You Day Drove 500,000 website visits Sales of Toblerone increased 132% </li> <li> 55. Outsource or not? depends. Using social media for marketing is a whole lot different than using it for personal purposes. It depends on your business what you want to outsource your social media strategy your social media goals your resources ( time, knowledge, money ) </li> <li> 56. More than Community Management Engagement strategies Strategic use of data Focus on valuable business outcomes: ROI Create user experiences to generate demand </li> <li> 57. Outsource or not? depends. If you outsource then choose the right partner Check ranking: Facebook &amp; Twitter &amp; Website Grader Make sure they understand your business Weekly-Daily feedback and Monthly reporting Work as a team Set goals and objectives References: what do current clients say? Multi-skilled team @your partner: graphic, video, copywriting, Make sure you put your brand in the right hands...</li></ul>


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