Social Media 101: Getting engaged

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The deck I use for a half-day social media seminar I lead for a creative-training company. Building a profile, setting up a listening post, social media PR, and the art of business conversation online. Covering what I call the Big Three (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn), as well as blogging, editorial calendars, and image-sharing platforms.


  • Social Media 101@Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • OK - so what IS Social Media? @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • Why use it? Tell your story Create a community Learn something Teach something Build something @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • Its all about CONTENT Share relevance, not trivia What story are you telling? Build engagement: be human Who, what, when, where, why, how @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • Most critical tool: Two of these - use em @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • twitter Its a cocktail party conversation @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • facebook now were at a dinner party @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • LinkedIn youre attending an industry conference @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • Blogging 101 if you do only one social thing, make it blogging establish an editorial calendar follow it use a comment management system @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • Ready for your closeup? Camera-shy? Use PowerPoint. Keep them short and snappy. Funny REALLY helps here. @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • Where are you? Great engagement tools for brick and mortar businesses Offer deals, get instant feedback @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • Social Imagery Rising in use by millennials Great tool for imagery pros (photogs, designers) @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • the new kid adds to your Google search weight social-media insiders hang here some great tools like Hangout @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • Managing it all organizing chaos @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • Brand Management 101 always be listening draw up an SM policy enforce that policy never be defensive ALWAYS tell the truth! @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • Social media policy @Mighty Casey Media LLC Clarity Purpose Empowerment
  • Recommended Reading Mashable Social Media Today Buzzfeed TechCrunch ReadWriteWeb @Mighty Casey Media LLC
  • ? @Mighty Casey Media LLC Got questions? @MightyCasey MightyCasey online