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SlideShare PRO Is Now Business essential - Have you started using it yet? If you have previously used SlideShare as just an upload and forget source for PDF files then think again. The new SlideShare has a crisp new appearance and some great options for business users, in particular B2B. Here are 2 must do actions to GET LEADS and to check that people open your SlideShare presentations.

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  • www.Socialmediajedi.infoSlideShare PRO Now Business essential By Clive Roach March 2013
  • SlideShareSlideShare is the worlds largest community for sharingpresentations.It has 60 million monthly visitors and 130 million pageviews,it is amongst the most visited 200 websites in the world.These 3 numbers mean that businesses must sit up andtake notice, but just how can businesses make effective useof SlideShare?24 March 2013 2
  • SlideShare PROSlideShare PRO has analytic options that will prove to be veryattractive for businesses B2C and B2B and in particularly for B2B.24 March 2013 3
  • SlideShare PROSlideShare PRO offers extra benefits for uploading including videos,however I recommend the analytics dashboard, lead capture andtracking presentations as the pearls of the PRO portfolio.24 March 2013 4
  • SlideShare PRO Send TrackerImagine being able to send a SlideShare presentation link to abusiness prospect and then being able to see reporting about itbeing opened, and the most viewed slides? With PRO, that iswhat you get!On the next slide is an example where a presentation was sentand the link opened 3 times. I can see how the presentationwas viewed on each occasion it was opened.The presentation does not open in the normal view. It has aspecial view that removes all the links and navigation links soyou know that the recipient is only looking at your presentationand not distracted by ads or other menu options.24 March 2013 5
  • SlideShare PRO Send Tracker24 March 2013 6
  • SlideShare PRO Send TrackerI can also see which send tracker presentations were notopened over time. SlideShare allows me to revoke access tothem if I decide that I do not want them to view it anymore.The access to this content has been revoked by the author isthe message shown when revoked presentation links areopened.24 March 2013 7
  • SlideShare PRO Send TrackerSlideShare PRO provides the option to upload to privatemode or to edit an existing public upload and then change itto private mode.Only account owners see private uploads, but you can sendprivate uploads as well as public ones via "send tracker" toother selected recipients.24 March 2013 8
  • SlideShare PRO Lead CaptureSlideShare PRO enables lead capture via a form. You cancreate a form just after an upload or to an existing uploadvia the my uploads menu choice.What I like about the lead capture process is the integrationpossibilities with SalesForce CRM, using Slide2Lead, a freeapplication that can be installed from the SalesForceAppExchange. For more information on this key topic forbusinesses, consult the FAQ for lead capture.Here are some best practice tips for lead capture usingSlideShare PRO.24 March 2013 9
  • SlideShare PRO Mobile Options24 March 2013 10
  • SlideShare PRO MeetingsSlideShare PRO has the option of conducting onlinemeetings on the fly or they can be scheduled.Firstly you select a presentation (video uploads cannot beselected). Then you can select a local conference numberand you are given a code.Alternatively, you can invite people from your Facebook orTwitter accounts or via email to the meeting. There is anend meeting button.24 March 2013 11
  • SlideShare PRO Designs24 March 2013 12
  • SlideShare PRO SummaryIf you have previously used SlideShare as just an uploadand forget source for PDF files then think again.The new SlideShare has a crisp new appearance and somegreat options for business users, in particular B2B. Leadcapture and send tracking are just two of my favorites.If you are still not convinced, then read some of these casestudies. In the Marketo case study example they usedtrigger alerts to their sales development team when certainkeywords were typed into the comment section of thedownload form within SlideShare.24 March 2013 13