Red stampede homepage wireframes - designed to promote action

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Red Stampede platforms are designed to activate your supporters and keep them moving forward


  • 1. REDSTAMPEDE Homepage wireframe Section 1: Click here for description Section 2: Click here for description Section 3: Click here for description 1 2 3 1
  • 2. Header Menu: Contains a member login and new user signup function. The header changes to a personalized, action-based task bar when your members are logged into your network REDSTAMPEDE 2 Header Graphic: Appears on every page inside your social network and is updated through the CMS. It contains your logo (which will be branded to your existing websites), navigation menus, search functionality within your community, external connections to any social network, and a donate button Rotating Banner: Appears on the homepage and is updated through the CMS. Contains images that rotate and are linked to specific areas within your network that you want to promote such as events, groups, personal dashboards, call to actions, fundraising campaigns, online contests, alerts, or something interesting that you want to promote Call to Action (Homepage): Appears on the homepage and contains the new user signup function and 6 custom call to actions Homepage wireframe Section 1
  • 3. REDSTAMPEDE 3 Homepage wireframe Section 2 Home Boxes: Contains three separate graphics that appear on the homepage and are updated through the CMS. The first box contains the new user signup function and the second and third boxes may be used for any purpose Homepage Blog: Displays blogs posted by the candidate account, an admin with blog promotion permission, or a user whose blog posting has been promoted to the homepage. The number of blog postings to display is updated through the CMS Your-Voice: Appears on every page inside your platform and allows visitors to quickly submit a message to you. Plus, registered users will automatically have any form auto-populated with their personal information of each specific field making their user experience streamlined and convenient Recent Actions: Auto-scroll of every user and campaign generated action taking place inside your network. The more activity increases the speed of the scroll. Each item listed is linked to the action specified.
  • 4. Social Feeds: Your Twitter and Facebook feeds will automatically update and be displayed on every page of your network. You can manage your social settings through the CMS Footer Showcase: Contains four graphics that are displayed on every page of your network, which are linked to any specified page, action, or other web address Footer Content: Content published through the CMS displayed on every page inside your network REDSTAMPEDE 4 Homepage wireframe Section 3
  • 5. 3535 active users 3122 volunteers 2696 donors 2176 first time donors $620,580 raised 420 events hosted 313 Personal Fundraising Pages created 389 coalitions joined 2036 blogs posted 42,199 emails sent to personal contacts 5 BY THE NUMBERS We love to meet new friends You can email us at or give us a ring at 704-364-3261