Outstanding or third-rate: what's your blog quotient?

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Outstanding, average or third-rate: what is your blog quotient?

Outstanding, average or third-rate:

what is your blog quotient?

A third-rate blog first...A blog sucks if

It has irrelevant content and too many advertisements. Visitors have to work hard to find relevant content.The text has spelling, grammar and factual errors.Visitors are slapped with obtrusive pop-ups.

An average blog...An average quality blog has

Amateurish use of colors and spaces.Unreadable text because of quirky font or poor contrast.Content of not so good standard.Too many widgets, advertisements, animations.

The outstanding blog...The following features make a blog outstanding:

Regularity in posting contentHigh-quality content; also expertiseGreat, clean, looks that fit the genreEasy and clear navigation: you can find relevant content in 1-2 clicks. Good engagement with visitors

Where does your blog fit in?Review your blog regularly to find its weaknesses and address them.Be unsparing when reviewing; check this link for much more detailed parameters on which to test the blog.Keep the main objective of the blog in mind when making changes. Ask yourself, what for are you running the blog.In most cases you dont need technical skills or paid services; but invest in them if your objective / goal requires that.


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