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Mrigal it solutions software development in mumbai nashik thane

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Hi, We are Mrigal IT Solutions started with a philosophy to deliver result oriented Software products to small and medium size companies. Established in 2013 in Thane, Mumbai, we have now started working in four main segments Software, Digital Marketing, Web & Mobile Apps. We have an experience, expertise and technological know-how to successfully complete the project of high caliber. We assure you of a high quality solution, service and value for your money. We are committed to developing software and solutions that benefit and create value for our customers. We believe that our solution must help you to improve both the top and bottom line of your business, and it must evolve as your business grows or changes. We are a medium size firm run by a very experienced people specialize in developing Software, Digital Marketing, Web & Mobile Apps technologies on various platforms. And having experience working for global companies in cross culture environment. Should you be interested in starting a dialogue between our firms, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss this further. Please visit our website at Thanks & Regards Mrigal IT Solutions Website: Email: Phone: 09769060243/ 09987155928 Software support, maintenance, development, enhancement, migrations .

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  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Sail for achievement 1
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions At Glance Company and logo Services Technology Contact 2
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Company and logo We are the team of professionals under one roof of Mrigal IT Solutions, delivering best services in terms of Software, Digital Marketing, Web and Mobile apps to our clients. Mrigal is a name of fish from deep sea ocean with ability to be aggressive or a smooth sailor. 3
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Services Software Digital marketing Web Mobile apps 4
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Services Software : We focus on building customise software which will reduce human efforts and give hassle free output for all industries. We have already build following software's - 1. Call center Application. 2. Audio Finger Print Generation. 3. Vault Locker System. 4. ERP * We also involve in guiding final year engineering IT students in their projects. 5
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Call center Application It is the web-based application. It provides the GUI environment for inserting and manipulating information regarding to calls. It maintains step-by-step processes from call log to call close and dynamically generates Escalation and send SMS, Mail to particular persons as a reminder. It also provides facility to generate various reports to analyze call details using various criterias. This application also maintains a user access control, which provides the security and applies the constraints to access application. 6
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Audio Finger Print Generation Software developed to get the details of Audio files from a database by comparing the Fingerprint byte code of audio files. This details will have information of songs, artists, record labels, how many times the song was played, what time, when, where. This software will be installed in pc and then with a audio card that is recording the radio signal, the software is going to process the audio coming from the audio card and converting into a fingerprint. Then this fingerprint will be compared with the fingerprints stored in our database and finally will getting the details. Process of fingerprint creation :- Process the signal. Spectrogram creation (Fast Fourier Transform is applied on each of the sliced frames) Band filtering. Wavelet decomposition. Min-Hashing the fingerprint. Group LSH tables and store in database. 7
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Vault Locker System It is a standalone Java application designed for managing locker rooms. This application allows administrator to manage all activities related to lockers, customers and inquiries. It also allows customer to know about the latest offers / circulars published. 8
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions ERP Enterprise resource planning It contain following modules: HR Admin Accounting Sales Purchase Production Planning Marketing 9
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Purchase order Module: In purchase order module is a flexible purchase order management software. Our software solution helps all kinds of companies and organizations to create, process, and track purchases. Purchase order module make it easy to set up and use. It is best tool for SMEs to maintain there purchase order records. Benefits :Add new vendor details Add new P.O Add Challan Create new invoice Generate all reports and more. 10
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Add new vendor 11
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Add new P.O 12
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Add P.O. Challan 13
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Add P.O. Invoice 14
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Reports 15
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Sales Order Module:The Sales Order Management Software module allows you to optimize the way you estimation, quotation, fulfill sales orders, generate invoice and generate report. 16
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Accounts Module: Accounts Module is application software that records and processes accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll. Together, these modules function as an accounting information system. You can use this list to see if a module may be useful for your business and then search for accounting software that has these modules. It holds records of Accounts info, accounts receivables, accounts payable, etc. 17
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions 18
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions HR Module:HR Module is a powerful application which allows you to virtually manage each and every aspect of an employee, apart from payroll matters. Benefits:- It holds records of employee personnel details, contact details, education details, department, role and responsibilities, etc. 19
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Services Digital Marketing : We provide complete digital marketing services to SMEs in terms of > Internet marketing > SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) > SEM (Search Engine Marketing)/ PPC (Pay-per-click) > SMO (Social Media Optimisation) > SMM (Social Media Marketing) 20
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Services Web : At Mrigal IT Solutions we offer services to our clients in terms of web applications and web design. In web we provide custom web application for free flow usage of existing system of business. Under web we offer E commerce, CMS, Static websites, Mailers, etc. All web related offerings are Responsive i.e compatible with desktop, tab and mobile. 21
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Services Mobile apps : At Mrigal IT Solutions we build mobile compatible apps for android platform and I phone. 22
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Technology & Languages C, C++, DS, Java [SE, EE, ME], Android, Struts2, Spring, Hibernate, Red Hat Linux, Oracle DBA, Scala, Python, GWT, MongoDB, .NET, PHP, HTML, CSS, open-cart, magento, etc 23
  • Mrigal I.T. Solutions Contact us to engage with Mrigal IT Solutions 9987155928/ 9769060243 24

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