MIA Instagram Meetup 14/4/2014

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MIA Instagram Meetup

MIA Instagram Meetup14 April 2014#miainstameetmia.org.qa1Team Mia profileHadeel Al Mazeedi/ @hadeelalmazeedi

Writer from Kuwait.Joined MIA 2012.In like with Doha!Still working on my book.Likes Scarfs and rare books.dislikes kids and presentations.2

Museum of Islamic ArtTeam Mia profileOsman Ahmed/ @osm4n

Founded QMA/ MIA/ ALRIWAQ SM accounts.Transferred to MIA in Jan 2013.Late starter on Instagram.From the UK, 3rd year in Doha.I hate rain, love hot weather.


Museum of Islamic ArtFan/ FollowerIntroduce yourselfName/ Instagram Handle.Where youre from.Camera/ Smartphone or both.


Museum of Islamic Art@MIAQatarThe MIA Instagram accountThe MIA accountDOB Sometime in Feb 2013.Official hashtags #MIAQatar #MIAPark #MuseumInsider #MIACafeContent Collections, Events, Behind-the-scenes and Fan Reposts.Crowd sourcing.


Museum of Islamic ArtSuperuser MapMIA Instagram Photo Pin MapThe idea of this Google map is to drop pins on the best locations to take Instagram pictures of MIA. Each pin will include a picture link from that point of reference and the IGERs handle.Add this hashtag #MIAGMap to your Instagram photos and we will update this map and share with the MIA IGER community.


Museum of Islamic ArtIGER taskMonthly meetup themed taskThemed task of the month is Richard Serras 7 (#Serra7) in MIA Park. The focus of this theme is to take Instagram photos of this monumental sculpture in the park and share with us.


Museum of Islamic ArtMIA Park WalkaboutGroup photo takingWalkabout MIA Park for a group photo taking session. Share pointers and socialise

The next #MIAInstameet will be on Monday 12 May @4pm, MIA Library.


Museum of Islamic Art