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Magazine Proposal Elma Otchereh

Magazine proposal

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  • 1. Magazine Proposal Elma Otchereh

2. Title of Publication & Musical Genre My music magazine is called ORIGIN. My chosen music genre is RnB and Soul.Why ORIGIN?! RnB is popular African American music that ORIGINated in the 1940s. Soul music is a popular music genre that ORIGINated in the United States in the 1950s and early 1960s. Its combined elements are African American Gospel music, rhythm and blues, and jazz. 3. Content of ORIGIN Magazine The sub genres that would included in the magazine are Urban Hip Hop Funk and Jazz Modern SoulThe artists I would include in the magazine are US contemporary soulful artists such as Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blidge, Bruno Mars, Beyonc, Usher, The Weekend etc. And UK Soulful artists like Amy Winehouse, Florence Welch, Adele and Leona Lewis. 4. My magazine is different to other magazines because it would includeTwo monthly issue Latest UK and US urban music Exclusive interviews on existing artists Top 20 RnB/Soul Charts Album Reviews Upcoming releases Upcoming artists in the UK It would mainly be about US RnB/Soul artists but still have some UK artists 5. Design Features Masthead Ideas:-I wanted to keep the masthead clear, bold and simple by using SanSerif of Serif lettering styles and have an outline around the letters.ORIGIN Rockwell Extra BoldBebas Neue by Dharma TypeChunk Five Ex by Peter WiegelBoris Black Bloxx by Manfred KleinCode by FontfabricK22 Didoni by Toto 6. Design Features The lettering I would possibly use are like Arial for the main body, Rockwell for the subheadings and Rockwell Extra Bold for the title of the pages. The possible colour schemes:-For my colour schemes I decided to make it 3 colours only for the magazine as Q magazines colour scheme had 3 colours. I think this would make the magazine recognisable.Blue, Grey and RedPurple, White and YellowLight Grey, Yellow and BlackDark Red, White and Grey 7. Idea for Front Cover Image I want to use this picture of Usher as an inspiration for my front cover image. I like the props used such as the hat, shirt, tie and leather jacket.I would like my cover star to be a male (up coming artist). 8. Idea for Double Page Spread My cover star would also be my DPS on an upcoming RnB/Soul artistI like the pose of this artist. I might consider using this pose for my double page spread. I would use one side of the double page spread of an image of the cover star. 9. Influences of ORIGIN Magazine I was influenced by my case studies, B&S magazine and Q magazine. I liked how B&S magazine had more than 1 music genre and that there is a simple and plain colour scheme. I liked how Q magazine had a consistent colour scheme throughout the whole magazine which was red, black and white which linked to their music genre rock as well as the layout of their magazine. 10. Publisher of ORIGIN Magazine I hope to be published by I want to be published by them because it is UK and US based and my magazine has a particular interest (RnB and Soul music). It can be the first music magazine to be published to Conde Nast. Conde Nast also has all the latest technology to access magazines such as mobile apps, iPad edition etc. which would be ideal to my target audience (young adults) to access ORIGIN magazine. 11. Target Audience of ORIGIN Magazine People who are interested in RnB and Soul who are mainly African American audiences, but I still hope to have a wide range of ethnicities to read the magazine. I hope to have both male and female readers but mostly expect male readers. The age group would be from 16-26 year olds (young adults) and median age to be 21/22 12. The purpose of ORIGIN magazine is to inform young people in the UK about RnB and Soul music as well as keeping them up to date on the industrys artists