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Marketing your business with social media, the psychology of social media, facts about Facebook, facts about LinkedIn, special tools, promoting your brand, finding your brand's voice and creating content.

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  • 1.LinkedIn and Facebook Marketing your business with social media

2. What do you want from social media? More likes? More sales? More referrals? Building a larger network? Finding people to become sales reps? 3. Psychology of Social Media Why do we use it? Brands voice Keeping content interesting 4. Why do people use social media? Boost of self-esteem Getting likes / validation from friends Photoshopped version of self Satisfy need for connectedness and self- promotion Ability to stay in contact with lots of friends in far away places Maintain offline relationships / weak ties Job leads, emotion support, missed stories 5. Why do businesses use social media? Marketing Networking Maintaining customer relations Creating brand advocates Modern day word-of-mouth Establish a reputation for your brand Online presentation affects buyers decisions Customer service 6. Combining the Whys People Businesses Boosting self-esteem and self-image Marketing, promoting, reput ation Connecting with friends Networking, brand advocates, word of mouth Maintaining relationships for an outcome Maintaining customer relations for a sale Challenge is to sound human. 7. Your Brands Voice Where do they live? Work? Play? Hang out online? What language(s) do they speak? How old are they? Customers? Potential customers? Businesses? What services are they most interested in? What might they call these services/search for? Who is your audience? 8. Your Brands Voice What makes it unique? What problems does it solve? What are the selling points? High quality / 100% guarantee Locally produced Custom made to order What is your product / service? 9. Your Brands Voice If you are your brand, let that personality shine through Create Brand Bible Remain consistent online, offline and across social media channels Be prepared to evolve with your market and audience Stay true to you 10. Keeping It Interesting Find content your audience wants without focusing on the sale. Follow other thought leaders and repost what they post Good artists borrow, great artists steal. Picasso Set-up Google Alerts Pictures and video! Your blog Your experiences Follow the 70 20 10 Rule 11. 70% of content is Industry related or generally relevant Topical Curate news items Shareable Newsjacking 12. 20% of content is Engaging with fans and being social with personality Call to action: like, comment, read, share, click Visual Expressive/personal Target-specific Fill in the blank posts 13. 10% of content is Promoting your brand, making the sale Offers, discounts Visual Target-specific All about you 14. Keep it interesting by asking yourself: Who is my reader and will they like it? Does the title make me want to click and read? Have I used keywords, tags, @ mentions, links appropriately? Did I give a direction to like, post, share, click? Is this post timely? Am I using the right network(s)? Should I repeat the post? Is everything spelt right? Do I owe some credit when reposting? 15. Facebook Facts about how it works Built-in Tools Advertising 16. How it works Pages operate differently than profiles make use of both Facebook is a publicly traded company they gotta make the moolah somehow! Not every friend or fan sees everything you post Facebook selects for you Graph Search They want you to pay to be seen But were going to beat the system! 17. How it works Only about 5% of our audience sees our posts. 18. Your Defense Getting the right people to like your page not just friends! Posting ECO engaging content often Respond to comments and likes @ mention / tag whenever you can 70-20-10 rule be a friend to have friends Page like pages Profile in groups Built-in tools 19. Built-In Tools 20. Built-In Tools 21. Built-In Tools 22. Built-In Tools 23. Built-In Tools 24. Built-In Tools 25. Built-In Tools 26. Advertising 27. Advertising Things to remember You have complete control over budget and targeting People like to stay within Facebook People like stuff their friends like Try it out and then try again Likes are leads Engagement is beating the Edge Ranking sorting 28. LinkedIn Whos using it Profile and Company Pages Content Networking and Brand Promotion 29. Whos on LinkedIn? 277 million users worldwide w/ 2 new users per second 40% check LinkedIn daily 200 countries and territories and 20 different languages 3 million company pages w/ 1.2 million products and services listed 2.1 million groups w/ 8,000 more a week 200 conversations per minute 30. Network Profile Complete all the info using keywords Connect with other professionals, co mment, endorse skills Follow competitors pages 31. Public Profile Customize your profile link with your name: http://www.linkedi gger 32. Open Publishing 33. Your Day 34. Find Alumni 35. Groups 36. LinkedIn Networking Strategy Make an impression a good one! Use relevant keywords Be visual with videos and pictures Update and comment effectively New features: Open publishing & Your Day 37. Company Page 38. Company Page 39. Company Page 40. Brand Promotion Keep page updated with company news Share general updates via profile SEO and keywords Links in email signature Follow link on website Apps to enhance experience Paid ads and upgrades 41. Tools TradableBits Hootsuite Bitly Blogging & scheduling 42. Key Takeaways Have a plan. Know how to measure success. Create a business personality. Speak your clients language. Be active and engaging. Create and contribute. Socialize.