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"Instagram wisdom" is a presentation made to help brands and organizations with their Instagram strategy. If you want to hop on, but you don't know how to start just take a look and decide which would be the best approach for you. Pictures in this slide feature brands such as Victorias Secret , Adidas, Jamie Oliver, Calieber Trucks, Beats by Dre and many more! If you found this useful or inspiring, please drop us a tweet @whale_agency we;d be delighted if you do! Also, you can check the full blog post on

Text of Instagram Wisdom

  • Instagram is all about sharing pictures and videos. We want to help people, brands and organizations master it, so we looked for patterns in the framework for taking pictures. These are the ones that we think work the best for humanizing your brand and connecting to your audience. Give them a try and figure our what works best for you, your brand or organization! Whale Agency 2013 #WhaleAgency
  • THINGS YOU CANT LIVE WITHOUT Aerial picture of everything you carry around on your bag or backpack. Use it to show the items that you hold dear and use daily. Your fans will appreciate it and feel a stronger bond to you. Whale Agency 2013 #WhaleAgency
  • DAILY COMMUTE There is beauty in every corner. This is not different whilst going to work or school. Document your daily trip to your second home. One of the best ways to show your followers you are as human as they are. Whale Agency 2013
  • SYMMETRY EVERYWHERE Capturing symmetry in buildings and streets on unexpected places always manages to catch attention. Using this framework can make your fans recognize the location and feel emotionally connected to it. Whale Agency 2013
  • LANDSCAPES Places so breathtaking that a picture makes your followers wish they went on that walk or trip together with you. Whale Agency 2013
  • THE SELFIE Use the background as a contrasting point for your face. Show your following who you are. Ask them to replicate your selfie. Whale Agency 2013
  • TABLE SHOT Food is a basic human need. Everybody eats it, everybody enjoys it. Show your audience what you like to eat. Maybe they share the same taste as you. Food looks at its best when shown from above. Whale Agency 2013
  • CARS Perfect adventure companions, capture them at their best. They are everywhere and everyone can enjoy a beautiful looking classic. Make it epic by using the right filter. Whale Agency 2013
  • TOURIST HIGHLIGHTS From the Machu Picchu to the Eiffel Tower. Everything counts. Bring a twist to the picture and tag the location. Maybe one of your fans is near by? Whale Agency 2013
  • PETS Dogs, cats, hedgehogs or anything you consider a pet. They are cute by default and represent immediate Instagram love. If you have a pet in the office, put some clothes on it and make it your Instastar! Whale Agency 2013
  • HERE I STAND Shoot from above, show your feet and where you stand. Make it iconic. Ask your audience to do the same and share their location with you. Whale Agency 2013
  • REFLECTIONS Reflections work like landscapes. Take the perfect shot and use a light filter. Make your viewers dream. Everybody loves dreaming. Whale Agency 2013
  • MY BRAND! Theres nothing wrong in sharing a picture of your product. Show pride in it and showcase it in different environments. Dont forget to ask your followers for pictures with your product. Whale Agency 2013
  • ACTION SHOT Capture the beauty of motion action through your mobile lenses. Make a screenshot from a video to capture the best moment. Whale Agency 2013
  • THANKS TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO TOOK THE AWESOME PICTURES @btothao @carlitosvirreira @ejota_seventyeight @everythingeverywhere @darcytheflyinghedgehog @mensweardog @velislavapopov @katerina_na @thegrifters @thuglifeforevs @nolandsmen @sserkan34 @caliebertrucks Whale Agency 2013 @eldoctordetupc @citygrit @chiestylee @foodzie @jamieoliver @rbehner @carine_bernard @nike @adidas @beatsbydre @victoriassecret @yagoorcha #WhaleAgency