"How To Use Social Media To Dominate Your Next Event"

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  1. 1. HHooww TToo EEffffeeccttiivveellyy UUssee SSoocciiaall MMeeddiiaa TToo DDoommiinnaattee YYoouurr NNeexxtt EEvveenntt (Discover how to effectively use pre, during and post event engagement to create buzz, traffic, leads & sales) IInntteerrvviieeww EExxcceerrppttss ffrroomm SSoocciiaall MMeeddiiaa EExxppeerrtt -- MMeelloonniiee DDooddaarroo Melonie Dodaro Canadas #1 LinkedIn expert & author of The LinkedIn Code Tweet this
  2. 2. Create Your Dream Business With Just One Good Webinar! http://AutoWebinarIncome.com Interview Excerpts: The reason for todays interview is simple: To give you clear actionable ideas, steps, tools and strategies to help you get your message out in a sincere and meaningful was as you use social media to engage and connect with people before, during and after your event. Why? Business is all about people connecting with people. Thats the entire goal of social media to connect on a level where trust is earned, deserved and rewarded. The more trust you earn, the more likely people will do business with you and your company. Whether your event is the next trade show on your trade show program, new branding and messaging for your companys products and services, a new product launch, a company website redesign or introducing a company blog whatever it is, is newsworthy both to you, your clients and prospective clients. So, however you joined us here today consider yourself very lucky to be here and listening to Melonie Dodaro speak on: How To Use Social Media To Dominate Your Next Event! (Discover how to effectively use pre, during and post event engagement to create buzz, traffic, leads & sales) Whether its the trends on Twitter, the latest Facebook changes, or connecting with the movers and shakers on LinkedIn youll find Melonies approach both unique and refreshing.
  3. 3. Create Your Dream Business With Just One Good Webinar! http://AutoWebinarIncome.com Before Your Event Pre planning is crucial to an events success. With more and more buyers coming to shows with a plan of who they want to see, starting to build buzz early increases your chances of getting on a potential buyers must see list. It can also get your message out to potential buyers who cannot attend the show for whatever reason. To generate awareness with those potential buyers you have to get their attention first, and youre not going to get their attention by shouting at them. You will get their attention by sharing valuable information that will make their event experience better. Keep in mind the reasons why people go to trade shows when you are deciding what to share. Attendees are there to network, to see new products and services, and to be exposed to new information and ideas. Before you post something, ask yourself, will this information satisfy one of those three needs? Share information about registering for the show and early bird discounts with your community. Point out speakers and sessions you think your customers and prospects would find valuable (not just those you are presenting). Share tips on area hotels and make restaurant recommendations. Once youve established your company as one that is part of a conversation and one that is looking out for attendees coming to the show, then they will be ready to listen to what your company is doing.
  4. 4. Create Your Dream Business With Just One Good Webinar! http://AutoWebinarIncome.com During Your Event Now lets take a look at how to maintain momentum once the show is underway. Everything you do should be focused on making sure the right people are coming to your booth and expanding your reach to qualified prospects who may not be at the show. Your giveaways is a great way to draw people to your booth who want your giveaway. It is not, however, a good tactic to draw qualified leads to your booth. To attract qualified leads to your booth, share activities taking place in your booth and the information you are giving out that only qualified leads would be interested in. The more specific you are with the information you share, the more qualified your booth visitors will be. Lets say your company sells a product that secures cloud-computing services. Letting people know you will be giving away a study on security issues in the cloud and how to solve them might not sound as exciting as an iPad, but it will be of interest to your target audience. If that study was written specifically for Chief Information Officers then come right out and say that in your message. Instead of simply telling people to stop by your booth so see new products and services, tell them to stop by for a hands-on demonstration where developers and engineers will be on hand to answer their questions. Wait, your developers and engineers will not be at the show? No problem, you can simply use social media platforms meant to connect people real-time, to
  5. 5. Create Your Dream Business With Just One Good Webinar! http://AutoWebinarIncome.com provide a two-way conversation between booth visitors and your staff back in the office. Also, its also not unusual for attendees and members of the media to post to social media exactly what products and services they are looking for. Most exhibitors are too busy with their booth to notice these inquiries. But if you have someone assigned to this task you can respond immediately and invite them over to your booth to talk to key executives or arrange a meeting with one of your sales reps. If listening is the only aspect of social media you engage in at the show, youll be way ahead of your competition. While they are broadcasting the fact attendees can win a free iPad, youll be drawing qualified leads into your booth. People come to events to connect, converse and engage. Social is the perfect tool to foster more engagement during events, by means of gamification, live polls and Q&As, live streaming and more. Tweet this After Your Event
  6. 6. Create Your Dream Business With Just One Good Webinar! http://AutoWebinarIncome.com The benefits of social media dont end when the show is over. Now is the time you want to measure what youve done and find out which tactics worked and which tactics fell short of your goals. You also want to keep the social media conversations going to make your job easier when the next show rolls around. So, what information should you be collecting? You want to track any mentions of your company. That information can be used in your post-show brand reach reports if that is something that you report on. Youll want to track any mentions of your customers companies and what your customers were talking about. These conversations will give you an idea of what is important to them. Also, track mentions of your competition and what your competition was talking about. These conversations could be a treasure trove of competitive information. Youre also going to want to capture any industry news being discussed online during the show, including hot topics and innovations being touted. This is where those I wish and I hate conversations come in. Those conversations are going to give you a sense of what is important in your industry. Lastly, take note of who is doing all this talking and sharing. Do they have a loyal audience? These people could be untapped industry thought and opinion leaders that your company might wish to align themselves with. One of the biggest things social media can do for you if you do it right is build trust with your community. You dont build trust by showing up a month or two before the show and then disappearing as soon as the show is over. You have to stick with it. It takes time to build an audience on social media. All you need to do is continue participating on social media as a community member, not an advertiser. Stop building numbers for vanity sake and use social media to get to know members of your community. Its a great way to build relationships with customers, potential customers, and members of the media, association leaders and key opinion leaders.
  7. 7. Create Your Dream Business With Just One Good Webinar! http://AutoWebinarIncome.com When you do this, and the show rolls around again next year, instead of trying to capture a strangers attention, youll find yourself inviting old friends into your booth. They will show up, and they will bring their friends and colleagues along with them as well. Summary Social media is only a tool. What is important to your exhibition program success is designing a solid strategy. Then, and only then, can you choose the tools that are right for the strategy. Introduce members of your community to one another. Help people build their networks. Always be thinking, will this help my audience or will it only help me? Remember: The golden rule of business: Help others and in turn you will be helped Thank you Melonie Dodaro for an awesome interview! Tweet this Resources:
  8. 8. Create Your Dream Business With Just One Good Webinar! http://AutoWebinarIncome.com Making Rain With Events Ebook (click for instant download) Post-Scheduling Tools Tools like Hootsuite or Buffer can really help you. You can use either to pre- schedule the content you want to upload to your blog weeks in advance. You can also stock up on interesting content and let it out bit by bit thanks to their scheduling manager. Discover: How To Turn Your Linkedin Profile Into A Lead Generation Machine! Click Here to listen to Canadas #1 LinkedIn expert Melonie Dodaro as she reveals this and more of her best LinkedIn strategies
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  10. 10. Create Your Dream Business With Just One Good Webinar! http://AutoWebinarIncome.com TThhee 33 TToooollss II UUssee TToo CCrreeaattee MMyy BBrraanndd && MMaakkee MMoonneeyy OOnnlliinnee!!
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