How to use Social Media Effectively for small business

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How to Use Social Media Effectively for BusinessWith Garry Kousoulou & Thegz Savvides

How is this course different to one youve been on before?Today is about;

- Visibility- Credibility- Measurement - Serious Equity- Engagement

Social Media is a living, breathing heartbeat and is the same as Networking - BUT ONLINE!

The digital landscape

BlogWho is it for?What is a blog?Why do I need a blog?How do I go about creating / writing a blog?

How can it help my business?To portray your personality through the written word and immediately get your perspective across to your audience

Social Media StrategyFive steps:

UNIFYING THEME - Internal / externalPLATFORM TACTICS - With = WIN / Against = LoseDAILY TASKS Momentum / Consistency / SystemsLISTEN Key words, ReputationMEASUREMENT Influence > Audience (Klout)Do they care? Will they go? Will they buy?

Graph SearchDefinition - Graph Search is a search engine that is integrated with Facebooks social graphs. The search engine processes natural language queries to return information from across the users social network of friends and connections or beyond, depending on the search. Potential applications of Graph Search include job searches, employee recruitment, marketing and online dating, among a great number of other possibilities.

How does Graph Search help me earn more money with Facebook?

Facebook AdvertsShould I use ads?

What ads are the best?

How much money do I need to spend?

Dark PostsWhat a dark or unpublished actually means is that the post will not appear on your timeline but can be accessed by anyone with a direct link (or by clicking through from an ad). They are used extensively by advertisers to create copy that then appears as a "Sponsored" piece of content.

You will need to use Power Editor to create a Dark Post. (Chrome)Create Post then upload an image that is 1200x627 pixels.Fill in the blanks & choose your target audienceWhen youre happy - click create post!When this is done, you can then turn this dark post in to an advert.

Find your Tribe

Who should I follow?

Who is following me?

When can I ask someone to buy my product?

Should I thank people for following me?

Whats a Retweet? And is it worth pressing?

How do I get my target audience to follow me?

How do I use Twitter Adverts?


TWEETDECKTwitter Scheduling

LatergrammeInstagram Scheduling

BufferScheduling Tool for;LinkedInFacebookTwitter & G+

SlideShareSlideShare is exactly like this powerpoint presentation, but online!You can embed a SlideShare on to your LinkedIn account.According to the latest Google Update, SlideShare is a hot favourite with Google Rankings!

So make sure when you upload your slideshow to;- Use Your Keywords- Tag your slide correctly- Share the Links on Social Media- You could even embed a SlideShare in to your blog

Email MarketingSend emails to up to 2500 people for FREE!A range of templates for you to change and use for your company.

But why should I?

Sending mass email to people without having an unsubscribe button isclassed as an unsolicited email.Not having someones permission to email them is also consideredunsolicited.

If someone hands you a business card, feel free to add them to your ownunique MailChimp List.

Create different lists and send different information.