How to Use Pinterest for Business: Your Guide to Rapid Growth

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  1. 1. How to Use Pinterest for Business: Your Guide to Rapid Growth #pinteresthacks
  2. 2. Global Brand Ambassador for Post Planner Award Winning Blogger Social Media Strategist Author, How to Use Social Media to Virtually Crush the Competition @RebekahRadice @PostPlanner Rebekah Radice #pinteresthacks
  3. 3. Marketing Manager and Cat Lady at Tailwind Content Creation, Social Media, Blogging and PR Award Winning Blogger @MelMegg @TailwindApp Melissa Megginson #pinteresthacks
  4. 4. What Youll Learn: How to use Pinterest to connect with your target market How to create content your audience will LOVE Steps to create a reliable stream of traffic to your website and blog Why (and how) you must leverage other social channels to boost channel awareness #pinteresthacks
  5. 5. Why Use Pinterest for Business? 1. Your audience is on Pinterest: 55% of women aged 18-55 are on Pinterest The number of men on Pinterest doubled in 2014 of millennials are on Pinterest #pinteresthacks
  6. 6. People have stopped talking about Pinterest as just a social network but that's a good thing. Pinterest is not about sharing with your friends, its about saving ideas for your future." Pinterest co founder Evan Sharp #pinteresthacks 2. Pinterest is More Than a Social Network
  7. 7. Pinterest has the unique ability to help users plan for their future. #pinteresthacks
  8. 8. 3. Better Sales Pinterest buyers spend more money, more often, and on more items than any of the other top 5 social media sites. #pinteresthacks
  9. 9. In fact, it drives purchasing decisions in key categories. #pinteresthacks
  10. 10. Top Categories: Food 79% Clothing 53% Home Dcor 60% Beauty 51% Health & Fitness 47% #pinteresthacks
  11. 11. 4. More Revenue Twitter: $69 Facebook: $80 Pinterest: $179 #pinteresthacks
  12. 12. Why People Use Pinterest Twitter: What Im doing Facebook: Who I am Pinterest: Who I want to be People go to Pinterest to be inspired #pinteresthacks
  13. 13. 1. Connecting with the Right Pinners - Build Trusted Relationships The perfect place to start is finding people already looking for your product/service and industry. #pinteresthacks
  14. 14. Start with the pins being surfaced on your website #pinteresthacks
  15. 15. Use the same trick for other companies in your industry #pinteresthacks
  16. 16. Pinterests analytics: find pinners with boards that high engagement Not all of them will have huge following. Find a few that are well targeted, reach out. #pinteresthacks
  17. 17. Tailwind analytics: Check out most pinned domain pins Again, not all of the pinners will have a huge following. #pinteresthacks
  18. 18. Pinterest is actually positioning themselves as discovery engine. Take advantage of their targeted search. #pinteresthacks
  19. 19. Utilize Pinterests Targeted Search Search for keywords in your category - find pinner with popular boards and engage with them #pinteresthacks
  20. 20. Important note about influencers - just because someone has a million followers doesnt mean theyre the right influencer for you #pinteresthacks
  21. 21. A well targeted account with 50,000 followers will be more effective at driving users to your site than an account with 2 million followers that doesnt pin about your industry. #pinteresthacks
  22. 22. Example: Constant Contact with 49,000 followers is a better targeted influencer for Tailwind on Pinterest than Joy Cho, even though she has 13.1M followers. #pinteresthacks
  23. 23. 2. Create Content Your Audience Loves - Become an Informational Hub Content on Pinterest lasts longer than any other platform. What you pinned 10 weeks ago, could be picked up by Pinterests algorithms and go viral. #pinteresthacks
  24. 24. Look at trending pins from your domain to see what images are already resonating with your audience #pinteresthacks
  25. 25. Domain activity on Pinterests own analytics Clicks give you an idea of what images are driving people back to your site #pinteresthacks
  26. 26. Take a Deeper Dive into Individual Pins #pinteresthacks
  27. 27. Original pins give you an idea about what images people are choosing to share from your site #pinteresthacks
  28. 28. Domain insights on Tailwind Discover the top images from your domain for any time period. #pinteresthacks
  29. 29. Explore your own audiences interests on Pinterests analytics #pinteresthacks
  30. 30. Once you have a baseline of whats already working for your audience, you can start testing what images perform the best. #pinteresthacks
  31. 31. For Retail: images that feature the product in context tend to perform better than ones on stark white background X #pinteresthacks
  32. 32. For blogs: often a soft white-light background with single focal point and tilt-shift is what performs best #pinteresthacks
  33. 33. Dont have a physical product, or your products arent very photogenic? No problem. Quotes - easy to create, easy to share #pinteresthacks
  34. 34. Are you a blogger? Pull tips from articles, website, to drive traffic back to product #pinteresthacks
  35. 35. Make Branded Graphics Tools: Canva, PicMonkey #pinteresthacks
  36. 36. Find Viral Content Tools: Post Planner #pinteresthacks
  37. 37. Dont have a physical product, or your products arent very photogenic? No problem. Use Canva integration to brand your own #pinteresthacks
  38. 38. To make your pinterest page a resource, have at least 12 boards, each with at least 5 pins Share OTHER Great Content 5 things your audience loves (that best represent your business) 5 things audience has a hard time finding (be a resource) 2 things your audience cant live without #pinteresthacks
  39. 39. Replace Old Content With New Content Create redirects on products that are no longer available Use rich pins on your products to alert pinners to when a product is sold out #pinteresthacks
  40. 40. Replace Old Content With New Content Rotate your boards based on popularity Before that post is published, make sure everything is perfect #pinteresthacks
  41. 41. 3. Create a Reliable Stream of Traffic from Pinterest Pay attention to what drives traffic Certain style of pin? CTAs? Whats making your fans buy? #pinteresthacks
  42. 42. The Pinterest Smart Feed #pinteresthacks Many saw loss of engagement Emphasis on quality Quality of pins Quality of the site Interests of followers
  43. 43. Become as Smart as the Smart Feed Rich Pins App Pins Place Pins Article PinsProduct Pins Recipes Pins Movie Pins #pinteresthacks
  44. 44. Become as smart as the Smart feed Pins from quality sites - no spam X#pinteresthacks
  45. 45. Become as smart as the Smart feed Relevant interests categories #pinteresthacks
  46. 46. Timing is still important Even with other factors, timing still matters Pinning more often gives your content a better chance of being seen #pinteresthacks
  47. 47. Timing is still important Use scheduling to pin around the clock - even when youre sleeping, eating, working, vacationing... DO NOT use schedulers that require your password! #pinteresthacks
  48. 48. Craft pinnable images for every post Pinnable images should take up more real estate on Pinterest - portrait style is best Create image in Canva, PicMonkey Use free stock photos from Unsplash and Pexels #pinteresthacks
  49. 49. #pinteresthacks Utilize group boards Why use group boards? Advantage/disadvantage. Find relevant group boards on PinGroupie or search for boards using relevant keywords
  50. 50. Use Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter for cross promotion 4. Why (and how) You Must Leverage Other Social Channels #pinteresthacks
  51. 51. Use Facebook, Google Plus and Twitter for cross promotion Leverage Other Social Channels #pinteresthacks
  52. 52. Use a Call to Action Like Pin it for Later Leverage Other Social Channels #pinteresthacks
  53. 53. Use Tailwind to share content that performed well on Instagram over on Pinterest Pin from Instagram #pinteresthacks
  54. 54. #pinteresthacks Get Smart About Your Pins Save 30% off annual Plus Plans or 30% off your first 3 months!
  55. 55. Thank you! Thank you for joining us today! #pinteresthacks


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