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How to Advertise On Facebook and Still Be Human

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Full Article: How to advertise on Facebook using profiles, and pages. Plus, understanding when and how to post content into Facebook. The Do's and Don'ts of using Facebook for building a business and how to stay compliant. See full article with video tip here: Engineering Your Success, Lawrence Tam

Text of How to Advertise On Facebook and Still Be Human


by Lawrence Tam

How To Advertise On Facebook

Facebook represents our primal need to be social: connecting, comforting, sharing, and entertaining.

Facebook is here to stay.

Your business or niche is your pride and joy. And you can make it a

profitable Facebook page.

What we share becomes an extension of ourselves.

Why have a Business Presence on Facebook? 1.3 Billion people use

Facebook 680 million use a mobile

device Facebook is in

70 languages An average user has over 100

friends 73% of U.S. users earn over

$75,000 per year Facebook has logged over 1

trillion likes since 2004

SO there is aBOATLOAD of peopleon Facebook

Many have the disposable income

If you can offer something that causes visitors to like your page and keep coming back, then you can create a profitable Facebook page

Should I Build a Business Profile or a Fan Page?

Or Should I tack a Facebook page on to my profile? If you have a business, yes. If it is just you, maybe not. ..

You must be able to track the progress of your posts. Who (age, gender, location, etc.) How they interact with your page.

Learn How To Advertise On Facebook Within Their Guidelines - Read the Facebook Statement of Rights and Responsibilities basically it says . you use your personal profile PRIMARILY for business purposes

Because all of your posts are public and they can be indexed by Google, so good SEO is essential.

Facebook Profiles Private & public posts For non-commercial use only Mutual permission is required (a

friend request sent must be accepted)

No way to track traffic or readership Limited to 5,000 friends

Profile Status Looks Like This

Facebook Pages Pages managed by multiple

Facebook users Demographic information

available about your visitors (after 30 likes)

Everything is public People follow your page, (no

friending) with no limits for followers

Page Status Looks Like This

A Business Profile or a Fan Page?

Develop Your Facebook Purpose

Q. Why choose a purpose?

A. Its easier to plan content, posts, and images.Your Facebook page is not simply a digital neon sign.Many pages have more than one purpose, but still align with a common theme or parent purpose.

Common purposes of Facebook pages for business: Build an email list Sell physical, digital or affiliate products Generate leads Market your business Capture more contracts


Niche pages focus on one subject, theme or product and create a fan base around it.

This article wont go into that topic but if that is something you would like to study and learn, here is a place where I learned a lot: Click Here

How To Properly Run Niche Facebook Paid Campaigns And Basically Sell Anything

Build up your fan base, then:

Build a list Create or promote products such

as dog training, leashes, dog food, etc.

Direct traffic to your blog or sales page

Market new products or promotions

Hold contests and give away prizes

Edify loyal fans

Posting Epic Content

Only people who post viral content get all the likes and shares, right? Not necessarily. 1. Photos Of you, of your office,

of something you did today, a meme, or a nice photo that you can tie into your business.

2. Fill in the blank Start a sentence and let fans finish it for you.

3. Quotes Text or images, quotes are always a hit.

4. Videos Videos are the superstars of social media. Short, punchy videos work best.

5. Questions Simple questions with short answers can give your page a burst of fan activity.

6. Gratitude - Did you just hit 1,000 fans? Share and thank your fans for their support. Even for no particular reason, triggers likes and reciprocal gratitude.

7. News Something that is relevant to your company or your industry. And ask your fans what they think.

What Times to Post on Facebook Pages?

Schedule your posts

Check your traffic statistics

Ask your visitors to tell you which posts do well.

Give your audience more of what they like, to increase fan retention and engagement.

8:00 9:00 am

1:00 3:00 pm

6:00 8:00 pm

Best Days and Times to Post

And that questionable content ??????

Dont use anything that will offend, alienate or ridicule people.

Controversy can work well, but sometimes there is a fine line between controversy and offensiveness.

If in doubt, leave it out.

Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the traffic you get without paying for it.When people find your online presence: by search results or they see someone sharing your content on their profile or page Facebook fans can also find your page if they find your website

or blog and see a Facebook like button.

They also see it if they are on your email list and see a link in your email.

Make sure to connect your dots so you build multiple exposure angles with your prospects.

Organic Reach Decrease (Update March 19th, 2014)

Unfortunately Organic Reach is being slashed

Paid Campaigns Using Facebooks Internal Ad Campaign

Laser-focused - they appear to specific groups of people who use Facebook on a regular basis the active people who comment.

The ads you create and the demographics you choose have a huge influence over how many likes and shares you get when promoting your page.

Getting paid traffic can also add some organic traffic as well- your demographics will have friends. When your fans like and share your posts, their friends are more likely to join your page as well.


Not all likes are created equally. It is vital for your Facebook page to get fans that are engaged,

receptive to becoming customers and even willing to be part of your Facebook community.

Some fans have a lifespan they are actively engaged for a few months, but then move on.

Great fans can also provide you with something that companies pay thousands of dollars for feedback. You can get real-time feedback on a topic, product or idea by simply asking your Facebook fan base.

The value of having targeted, active fans on your page cannot be understated.

One way to get feedback. Surveys

Using a combination of paid and organic traffic to your Facebook fan page can help you get a strong following.

SurveyMonkey is a free program I use to run surveys.

The Free service has its limitation but its good enough for smaller audiences.

Outsourcing and AutomatingMaintaining a profitable Facebook page is hard work and time-consuming. Consider outsourcing or automating.But what about controlling all of the content and publishing in real time?

Control your engagement by : Liking and replying to comments Posting timely news and events Posting impromptu photos and updates.

Being consistent is very important in social media. So plan how you post content. Initially, you can start small perhaps twice a day, five days a week. Then automate. Automation helps you stay consistent.

Scheduling posts (DO IT)

Scheduling is straightforward - create a new post then click on the clock icon to define the day, week or month.

This way, you ensue your Facebook page is consistently putting out

quality, well-planned


Top 3 Reasons to Consider Outsourcing

1. You need help and you need it now.

2. Speed up - so you can reach your goals faster.

3. Hire an expert.

Start an Elance Account (to source writers, video makers, Facebook management, banner creation, programming, presentations etc.) .

Outsourcing - hire someone to help. Freelancer Websites make it easy to find the talent you need at a moments notice, however small the task.

Elance for Outsourcing

Outsourcing what you are NOT good at or what you HATE doing is worth its price.

Ive been a member of Elance since 2009.

Letting go of the reins can really skyrocket your productivity and help your Facebook page become the branding machine you want it to be.

Start a FREE Elance account and get FREE Job Postings

Click Here To Join Elance

In conclusion

Remember the very human side of Facebook. Social media is about connecting with people.

Provide value, whether it is entertainment, knowledge, enlightenment or inspiration.

Facebook fan pages are about your fans, not completely about you.

Please your fans, and they will follow you. Relate to them and they will stay. Get inside their heads and they will love you :)

If you want to learn more about what I do, and make more than 5x the average Engineering Salary .

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