How Pinterest Can Work Harder For You Than Your Website

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The power of PinterestHow Pinterest can work harder for you than your websitePinterestPinterest is a place to discover ideas for all your projects and interests, hand-picked by people like you. -pinterest.comImage-based social sharing space for individuals and businessesThe Facts:

- attracts 1,090 unique visitors per minute

- has about 2.5 billion monthly page views

- has over 70 million users

- the fastest growing social media website

Reasons to utilize pinterest: the basicsITS FREEYour fans do the work (repins, likes, follows, etc.)Updated more frequently than your webpage (Magazine advertiser? We already made you a board!)

Reasons to utilize pinterest: marketingExcellent linking strategy- Use pins to direct traffic directly back to your website or your vendor page.SEO strategy- Keywords are still important on Pinterest. Use them to increase the ability for users to find your content on Google and Pinterest.Brand strengthening- Your images, pin descriptions, and profile picture all build your brand to Pinterest users.

reasons to utilize pinterest: popularityPinterest is a platform people already utilize (over 70 million users)Pinterest is known as a wedding inspiration destination- people are using Pinterest more and more over Google to search for inspiration and ideas.Viral potential and longer post exposure- lifespan of a Pinterest pin is 3.5 months. Thats 1,600 times longer than a Facebook post.

Reasons to utilize pinterest Over other social mediaYou dont pay to play like you do on Facebook.Searchability- It is simpler for users to search for your past content on Pinterest than on Facebook or Twitter. (A pin is forever)High ROI- Pinterest is considered one of the most profitable social media networks. The average Pinterest user makes over $100,000 per year.

Tips for your pinterestAdd the pin-it button to your website AND put a link to your Pinterest on your website.Use links on each pin to direct traffic back to your website or vendor page.Utilize hashtags and keywords for greater searchability and SEO strategy.Run promotions and specials on your Pinterest.Pinterest activity is highest around 9 pm. Utilize this time for new pins.Label your Pinterest page as a business page. Pinterest analytics will show you information about your page views, traffic, and most popular pins and boards.