How Brands can Optimize for Pinterest #SMX

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This presentation given during #SMX East in New York City teaches brands how they can better optimize, market and grow their companies with Pinterest.


  • 1. @matt_siltala

2. INTROis moving closer to an advertising model andthere are many opportunities for businesses to help peoplediscover your brand and products. Pinterest is expanding asa content marketing and advertising platform. Its more thanjust advertising. These features give you a chance to engagewith a community and expose people to more about yourbrand and products.@matt_siltala 3. CASE STUDY@matt_siltalaCourtesy of 4. CASE STUDY@matt_siltalaRUSTIC ARTISTRY90% of her pins getting at least one repin64% of her social channels trafficcomes from PinterestVisitors from Pinterest have a lower bounce rate 55% compared to 70% with Facebook visitorsFacebook, with over 4,000 Likes,accounts for 34% of her social traffic 5. TIPS INSPIRED BY CASE STUDY@matt_siltala 6. INSPIRED TIPSDont just repin, find new material thatexpresses your brand personalitySign up forNewsletters fromLike-minded brandsLook atMagazinesIn your nicheLook for relatedContent onBlogs and websitesSlideshows oftenHave great pin-worthyImages@matt_siltala 7. INSPIRED TIPSFind new ways to promote yourbest-performing pins. Look atyour analytics tab on Pinterest tosee the Most Recent, MostRepinned and Most Clicked pins.Then comment on pins withsomething helpful or like them toacknowledge the person whopinned them.@matt_siltala 8. INSPIRED TIPSFeature your most pinned orpopular images and feature onother social networking sites.Dont use the feature to tweetthem, create a unique tweet.Same with Facebook, createa unique post.@matt_siltala 9. INSPIRED TIPSYou can quickly create a few ofyour best images together intoone image to pin again or forother sites. A tool helps make thiseasy. Use it to create a verticalcollage.@matt_siltala 10. INSPIRED TIPSCreate a pin advertising a newboard and pin it on a moreestablished board.@matt_siltala 11. INSPIRED TIPSDo not fill your boardswith pins from yourown website.Eventually you will run out ofthings to pin. You wont havefresh new content to share ona consistent basis.On her Make Mine Rusticboard, only about 5% of the2800+ pins are from herown website.@matt_siltala 12. INSPIRED TIPSPin your most popular pinsto group boards that have astrong following and are agood fit.PinGroupie and Board are toolsthat can help you find groupboards. You can also usePinterest search to find groupboards.YOURMOSTPOPULARPOPULAR PINGROUPBOARD@matt_siltala 13. INSPIRED TIPSPin content that isperforming well more thanonce - to another board, toa group board or evenagain on the same board.That way your new followerswill be exposed to your bestcontent. Wait a month or morein between pins.1 MONTH@matt_siltala 14. INSPIRED TIPSUse PinAlerts to see whatsbeing pinned from yourwebsite (not just whatspopular on Pinterest).@matt_siltala 15. CASE STUDYCourtesy of 16. CASE STUDYBUZZFEEDAccording to Dao Nguyen, VP ofGrowth and Data at BuzzFeedPinterest is BuzzFeeds 2nd Largestsocial network referrerHas a much longer lifecycle than other social networks,often driving traffic to posts moths after publicationMore than Half of BuzzFeeds traffic from PinterestGoes to posts published more than 2 months ago@matt_siltala 17. TIPS INSPIRED BY CASE STUDY@matt_siltala 18. INSPIRED TIPSPut your pin button at thetop of your images.@matt_siltala 19. INSPIRED TIPSOptimize your pinsfor mobile@matt_siltala 20. INSPIRED TIPSCreate beautiful verticaleditorial images and putthem first in yourblog postsHeight:762 pxWidth: 625px@matt_siltala 21. INSPIRED TIPSPin Humor.Of the 100 Buzzfeedstories that have the mosttraffic from Pinterest,30% of the visits are tohumor posts.@matt_siltala 22. CASE STUDYCourtesy of Hello Society@matt_siltala 23. CASE STUDYCHOBANI YOGURT15 of 25 of their boards are recipe boardsChobani has over 113,000 followerson PinterestThey share recipes from fans, sponsored recipesfrom bloggers, and their own recipes@matt_siltala 24. TIPS INSPIRED BY CASE STUDY@matt_siltala 25. INSPIRED TIPSBecome friends with yourfollowers by helping themcatch a vision of a better lifewith your product.Through mouthwateringpictures and branching outfrom their product, Chobanihas used Pinterest to becomemore than just a brand. Theyhave become a friend to theircustomer, sharing the samehopes, goals, desires, dreams,and tastes. -Angela Swenson@matt_siltala 26. INSPIRED TIPSLeverage your socialfollowing on other sites.Chobani tweets their pins butthey dont share them onFacebook with posts andwith the Pinterestapp on Facebook@matt_siltala 27. INSPIRED TIPSWhen they feature recipes onFacebook, they could alsoadd a link to pin the recipe.A newer feature is a landingpage that has a follow allbutton.@matt_siltala 28. INSPIRED TIPSCreate custom board coverimages to give a consistentlook and brand style toyour profile@matt_siltala 29. INSPIRED TIPSGet your fans involved. Pintheir recipes or ideas. Alsoconsider teaming up withbloggers (who often have abroad social footprint) tocreate new ways to useyour products.@matt_siltala 30. CASE STUDYCourtesy of Pinterest@matt_siltala 31. CASE STUDYFOUR SEASONSHOTELS & RESORTSSince it launched, Four Seasons has seen a525% increase in followers to its main account.Over 26,0000 followers.Created profiles for their more than 81 hotels,each showcasing the resorts distinct style & features.@matt_siltala 32. TIPS INSPIRED BY CASE STUDY@matt_siltala 33. INSPIRED TIPSThey have a boardGastronomic Travel featuringupscale restaurants aroundthe world. They pin their ownrestaurants as well as others.@matt_siltala 34. INSPIRED TIPS900% INCREASEin the averagenumber of peoplerepinning theircontent every day600% INCREASEIn the average number ofpins from their yearover year@matt_siltala 35. BONUS INFOMATTS BONUS PINTEREST TIPS@matt_siltala 36. BONUS TIPSCOMMUNITYQUESTIONS ?You can ask questions on a pinand your question goes toeveryone who pinned it. You getemails when there are newanswers. This is a way toconnect with pinners in yourniche and even introduce yourproduct or service.CommunityAnswersQuestionon Pin@matt_siltala 37. BONUS TIPSMESSAGESPinterest messagingsystem is a privatemessaging system thatallows you to send privatemessages to people. Youcan share texts, pins,boards, and links.@matt_siltala 38. BONUS TIPSMESSAGES3 TYPES OF PEOPLE WHO YOU CAN MESSAGE:Your followers (you donot need to follow themback to message them).People you're friendswith on Facebook whohave connected theirPinterest account.People who you follow onTwitter and who followyou back and haveTwitter connected withtheir Pinterest account.@matt_siltala 39. BONUS TIPSMESSAGESIt can even be used forB2B conversations.Heres an example of aconversation in which abusiness complimentedMCNG Marketing for their31 Days to a BetterPinterest Page board.@matt_siltala 40. BONUS TIPSLINK TO PINTERESTBOARDS ON YOURBLOG OR SITEMany people have afollow button but dontlink to Pinterest pins orboards in their content.@matt_siltala 41. HOW BRANDS CANOPTIMIZE @matt_siltala