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<ol><li> 1. @Copyright 2015 URSEO Free Website By Weebly Site &amp; Weebly SEO Weebly is the one of the most easiest CMS platform that you can start own online business within a second. You can build a free website. This pdf file will discuss about how to set up weebly website and give you tips how to optimise your weebly site or weebly blog, which is often called weebly seo. 1 Visit the website : Just fill out the form, you will get your site within 30 second! Amazing, isn't it? 2 Then it asks you the purpose of the site. If you want to sell goods or services, click "Store", just want simple business or promotion site, click "Site" and want to be a popular blogger then click "blog"!! </li><li> 2. @Copyright 2015 URSEO 2 In this case, we will click the "Site" to create the business website. Then it's time to select the theme. Scroll down the mouse , you will see the various free themes. You may spend quite time at this stage to choose the theme that you like. You can always change the theme later so don't worry if you choose wrong one! </li><li> 3. @Copyright 2015 URSEO 4 </li><li> 4. @Copyright 2015 URSEO When you click the theme then it automatically creates the site. Just waiting under the loading icon is disappeared. 5 At this stage, we will put url (domain name) that is given by weebly. It is free to use(NO COST) but if you want you can use your own domain name. We will use subdomain of weebly in this file. </li><li> 5. @Copyright 2015 URSEO As you can see the image under, when the domain name is already taken, it says that "Taken". You have to type new url. Popular domain name is always taken quickly. One thing you should remember is that, put your keywords in to url. For instance, if you are running SEO company, then put your business name or put the most important keywords that can bring traffic to your site. If you don't know what keywords you have to use contact us or visit the our website. Click "Continue" button. </li><li> 6. @Copyright 2015 URSEO As soon as you click the continue button, instruction video pops up. If you are not familiar weebly platform, we recommend you to watch before creating the site. </li><li> 7. @Copyright 2015 URSEO 6 If you are not sure how to do then follow the instruction, little popup message will guide you. As you can see, there are elements(left) that you can drag to site(right). Just try to drag and drop! You will see amazing stuff! </li><li> 8. @Copyright 2015 URSEO 7 When you finish the design then click the "Publish" button. Then choose what category your service will be. You have to verify before publishing. This is because the black hat SEO experts use software which automatically join the site and create the spammy contents. You will be aware that if there are too many spam comments or contents on your site, Google may put your website down as it is the spammy site. Once you verify it will be published. Type your domain name and check it! </li><li> 9. @Copyright 2015 URSEO 8 If you need more navigation or page, click the "PAGES" on the top navigation then you will be moved to the following page. Click to create new page There are 2 other options that : 1) Anyone with the site password 2) Specific member or group But these options are Paid service. You have to upgrade to use this .service. Nothing is free in this word, huh! Select the format </li><li> 10. @Copyright 2015 URSEO 9 For SEO, we have to adjust few things at this stage. Click the "Settings" then you can see the following page. There is "Site Title" you have to change this. Generally, the business name will be inserted. Once you change the site title, click the SEO on the left side of the bar, then you will see the following page. </li><li> 11. @Copyright 2015 URSEO In this SEO page, you can see site description, meta keywords and footer code, all of them are important for SEO purpose. Generally, you explain that what type of business or products you sell, which is not longer than standard length. The title must be described within 90 characters, the description will be written within 155 characters. For attracting more visitors and increase the traffic, we will analyse your business and competitors(we will find what keywords are being mostly used). You can create the website absolutely free without costing however, there are not many options are available. You have to upgrade the account to make it looks better and work better. Depend on your computer skills, you can have your site within few days even few hours. Most of people these days can easily build the site but struggling from marketing the service. No one visit your site ? How can you promote and sell your service? That is why you need SEO services. SEO is abbreviation of Search Engine Optimisation which will put your website 1st page of Google so that your website is visible to the public, they visit your site and buy your service. No visitors? Don't worry, we will bring the traffic for you! If there are no improvement after using our SEO services then we guarantee 100% money back ! We also provide weebly site optimisation. No time? Leave it to us! We will do everything for you. Check out weebly SEO services; Check out Shopify SEO services; Check out SEO Web design: Get Free SEO Report Today! title description </li></ol>