Engaging Audiences Through Social Media 2014

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Social media tools, especially Facebook, have become as important as having a website. But now that you have a Facebook page, a LinkedIn profile, or a Twitter account, how do you know anyone is actually listening? Are you actually engaging your audience? Attend this session to learn how to use social media effectively, even when time and resources are limited. Presented by Cameron Bloom Kruger, Nonprofit Executive and Communications Consultant.


  • 1. A Cautionary Tale
  • 2. - mr_hank
  • 3. A Cautionary Tale
  • 4. A Cautionary Tale
  • 5. A Cautionary Tale
  • 6. Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Timely Goals should be S.M.A.R.T.
  • 7. Goals should relate back to your purpose. Mission Vision Strategic Plan Tech Plan
  • 8. Goals should relate to time. Short-term Mid-term Long-term Vision
  • 9. Outcome examples Increase traffic from Facebook to our website by 5% in 3 months.
  • 10. Outcome examples Increase sales 20% over last year by November 20th.
  • 11. Outcome examples Have Mothers Day 5K reposted/retweeted by 6 key social connectors before event.
  • 12. Clients
  • 13. Clients Donors
  • 14. Clients Donors Volunteers
  • 15. Clients Donors Volunteers Influencers
  • 16. Customers Investors Employees Influencers
  • 17. How much time? How much money? Does it meet the goal? What do you want?
  • 18. How do we get people there? How many posts per day? What info do they want? Do we use events, causes, ? Who in our network is influential? Decision-makers And Policies Implementer Innovator Outcomes Objectives
  • 19. $
  • 20. Retweets Followers References Quality Frequency Likes Reposts
  • 21. Subscribers Linkbacks Shares Frequency and Quality


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