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  • 1. EMAC Elite Marketing and Advertising Internet Marketing and Advertising Media Kit and Rate Cardwww.emac-advertising.com

2. Advertising Network www.emac-advertising.com 3. Internet Audience In the Middle East there are an estimated 90,419,935 Internet users. This number increased between 2000 and 2012 and the region now has shown an impressive Internet usage growth rate. The internet Penetration in Iraq is 23%. Iraq 31,129,225 population (2012) Facebook Users in Iraq 6.5 million Average User spends 6.5 hours per month on Facebook. Smartphones 70% of internet users use smartphones. Online Activity 68% of internet users access social media sites. www.emac-advertising.com 4. ServicesAdvertisingwww.emac-advertising.com 5. Benefits Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. With approximately 250 million unique visitors each month, Facebook is the 2nd-most visited website on the Internet (behind Google). Advertising on Facebook are inexpensive. Your online advert can reach your target market for a fairly affordable price with a set daily budget. Facebook oers targeted advertising. Facebook allows advertisers to target a specic group of people based on location, gender, age, religion ,sect, personal interests and more. Ability to reach smartphone users. Facebook is accessed via smart phones every single day. This fact means advertisers not only have the ability to reach computer and laptop users, but people out in the world as well. www.emac-advertising.com 6. Example of Facebook AdsFacebook Ads served based on your interests, pages you liked, age, location, language etc.www.emac-advertising.com 7. Smartphone Ads / Ads in Arabic languagewww.emac-advertising.com 8. Political Candidate Facebook Campaign Successful political campaigns often depend on repeating their message to voters often and convincingly during the period shortly before the election! Use the power of Facebook to repeat, and test dierent Ad copy to your core voters.Show ads to your chosen age Groups and demographics of Iraqi voters. With Facebooks real-time performance reporting we can pinpoint the best message/image for each campaign.www.emac-advertising.com 9. Pay Per Click (Advertising)www.emac-advertising.com 10. Features Pay Per Click also referred to as PPC is a digital marketing model used to bring targeted trafc to websites, in which advertisers pay the distributer (Google) only when the advert is clicked. PPC are Ads that appear above the organic search results on Google. Ads are triggered when someone types a search query that matches your keyword(s) terms. So For example, if you have a shop that sells blue shoes, and someone types blue shoes shop in Google, your ad will show on top of the Normal search results. On the Next page is a screenshot of a Google PPC Ad.www.emac-advertising.com 11. www.emac-advertising.com 12. Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus & Linkedin) Benefits: Build a Loyal customer following! Establish brand Advocates Generate Word of Mouth about your business Reach the New Digital Consumer Offer Better Customer Service. Cheaper and essentially more powerful than old traditional advertising. We help develop a Social media strategy that gives you the Aforementioned apparatuses to listen and engage with your audience! We not only devise Your strategy but also implement it and help you Reach your business goals! www.emac-advertising.com 13. Professional Networking Advertising SolutionsAdvertisingwww.emac-advertising.com 14. Features Whos in Linked inWorld wideBusiness Decision MakingSmall Business OwnersAdvertising U.S basisHigh tech managersCorporate Executiveswww.emac-advertising.com 15. twitter www.emac-advertising.com 16. www.emac-advertising.com 17. www.emac-advertising.com 18. www.emac-advertising.com 19. Website has the full Portfoliowww.emac-advertising.com 20. Polls & statistics Is the election this year 2014 fair enough ?10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 05 0Statisticswww.emac-advertising.com 21. Ad FormatsTarget by Location Companies (Categories industry size Job title Set Daily Budget Spend 9,277,233 Members in the middle east www.emac-advertising.com 22. SEO Activate the search engines for candidateswww.emac-advertising.com 23. What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? Its basically getting your website to rank higher on the Google search results. So for example IF you sell red Shoes, and someone types red shoes shop on Google, you want your website to show in the search results, particularly on the rst page, since most people dont go past the rst page of the Google results page.We Have a team that is both specialized and dedicated to the art form of ranking your website higher using - LINK-BUILDING - KEYWORDS - Great CONTENT www.AkkadDigital.com 24. The Strategywww.AkkadDigital.com 25. Google SEOwww.emac-advertising.com 26. Creativity knows no bounds , so do wewww.emac-advertising.com