CCA eLearning Presentation 2 How to use social media for marketing and networking

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  • 1.How to use social media for marketing and networking

2. Presenter Michael Gwyther @mickgwyther id=20201325 3. Straw Poll A I have a personal Facebook account BIhaveacompanypage or group C Both B & C D I am not using FacebookFacebook 4. What is Social Media? 5. Social Media Features Profile Friends/Connections Discussions/Comment s Sharing within & between social networks Multimedia Blogs 6. NetworkingPhoto Credit: CC: 7. PicsRes ourc esSocial Network Posts Eve ntsWebsiteCele brat e 8. Twitter LinkedIn Facebook Instagram YouTube Photo Credit: CC: 9. What is Twitter? 10. What is YouTube? Video hosting & sharing platformPhoto Credi t 11. Photo Credi t 12. YouTube enhancementsPhoto Credi t 13. Why YouTube?Photo Credi t 14. Photo Credi t 15. Twitter Profile 16. Twitter Followers 17. Twitter Stream 18. Twitter Lists 19. What is Facebook? Users Profile Groups Connecting 20. Facebook Interface News feed 21. LinkedIn Profile 22. LinkedIn Connections 23. LinkedIn Stream 24. LinkedIn Groups 25. Photo Credit: CC: 26. Photo Credit: CC: 27. Facebook usage 28. Facebook usage 29. Groups & Pages for training & marketing Group Community of people with a common interest Page A brand or entity of which there are fans Privacy, Audience, Communication 30. Using SM in Training Face to Face to Face Face Self Self Paced Paced Online Online Facilitated Facilitated 31. Blended Learning Face to Face ContentActivitiesAssessmentSelf PacedOnline Facilitated 32. Training Methods Use Group Discussion threads Class notes and links to supporting information Course Feedback Student reflection Post-classroom events (extended learning using Blended approach) Quizzes Group tasks/activities/brainstorming/problems Communities of practice 33. Training Principles Assess Sharing/Prior Knowledge Workplace application Short readings Mix up the activities Build on postings 34. Training Training Principles Intervening Weaving Add value Share your experience Good posters Follow up lurkers Hand over topic ideas 35. Training Placement 36. Training Knowledge Building 37. Training Industry Knowledge 38. Training Live Learning Events 39. Training Communities of Practice 40. Whats your use for SM? 41. Marketing your business Be found Connect Promote Generate Leads Leverage other social media & marketing Training 42. Create a community around your business 43. Measurement and analysis 44. Third Party Tools - Mobile 45. Third Party Tools - Hootsuite 46. Social Media Policy all Users Protect Confidentiality Identity Copyright Endorsements Privacy Conduct Terms 47. Social Media Policy all Staff Best Practices Facts Respect Audience Personal Photos & Videos 48. List of useful links: ia+policy/ 49. Any Questions?


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