3 Mistakes Your Company is Making on Social Media

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No one is perfect but there are some basics that we all should know when it comes to managing social media for your business.


  • 1. 3Mistakes Yourcompany is makingon Social Media

2. #1The first thing you do when you meet a newpotential customer is try to sell to them. 3. "HEY, HAVE YOU TRIEDOUR....?"MEBuy this.... MECome get....MEME 4. SUGGESTIONS:BE HELPFULOFFERHOWTo TipsStart aGiveaway 5. #2You jump into conversations thatyou bring no relevant informationto. 6. I know you're talking about watching footballright now, but.... 7. "Come on over toC A F C A F and get some hotcoffee."Side Note: We don't have any TVs. 8. Suggestion:FindAConversationThat youCan offer VALUE.MAKE SUREYOU HAVE TV'S 9. #3You lack SocialBilinguality 10. Would you move toChina and only speakFrench?would you? 11. NO!NO YOUWOULD NOT. 12. Then DO NOT get on Twitter andtalk to people like you're onFacebook. 13. EVERY SOCIALCHANNEL HASIT'S OWN SETOF RULES 14. PEOPLE ARE ON THESESITES FOR DIFFERENT REASONS. 15. Suggestion:Learn thePlatforms& what they are used for.Here's a great tool:www.socialmediaexaminer.com 16. Let's ConnectFounder/Creative Directorwww.sociallyin.com