10 Tips To Increase Sales Through Instagram

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  • 10 Tips to Increase Sales Through Instagramsarahmaxwell789.kinja.com /10-tips-to-increase-sales-through-instagram-1794065155

    Social media is at once both popular and a transparent medium. One of the most favorite among all social mediaplatforms is the Instagram, which boasts of 500 million monthly users in less than seven years of its existence. It isway ahead of other websites in terms of customer traffic.

    In spite of the fact that an average Instagram user is said to spend approximately 192 seconds on the site, statisticaldata has revealed that almost 70 percent of their feeds are not even viewed. Social media marketing companies canplay a major role in boosting sales through Instagram.

    Few Tips to Increase Sales Through Instagram Are Listed Below



  • 1. Use better images

    The Instagram platform is built around loading images. Hence,it goes without saying that the pictures uploaded haveto be perfect and of superior quality. Though the smartphone revolution has pretty much taken care of this problemas most phones come with a high-quality camera, professionalism can further fine tune this.

    2. Contest with a photo tag

    Three popular contests on Instagram are:

    i. Like to WinVisitors just need to like your photo

    ii. Email Gated You need to send an email to win

    iii. Hashtag UGC You just post a picture with a hashtag

    People enjoy hashtagging the most as it helps them to display their creative side. Social media marketing servicesare available to you for developing interesting, high-quality content.

    3. Share your story with a video

    You can now post videos to your followers along with your story. Although videos form only 10.81% of the total posts,they receive 17.51% of the total comments. Record a demo of your product/brand. Instagram is also providing youthe option to see your stats and display ads on stories.

    4. Provide exclusive opportunities

    Exclusive opportunities would mean offers and discounts, Instagram contests and even pictures and videos ofgroup, community or organization members.

    5. Be pro-active in responding to comments

    If your followers are engaging with you on your product via comments, then you should be available to respond. It isimportant to resolve their queries and take a feedback. Professionals offering SMM services can be of greatassistance as they understand your business and target audience and help in branding activities and damagecontrol.

    6. Communicate with your fans

    Anything is fair to get a share on Instagram. It just means that it is ok to speak to one of your fans and request themto share the business/product page. By requesting a single person to share your page, you are actually spreading itto hundreds.It is as good as word-of-mouth publicity and can be easily handled by SMM companies as well.

    7. Extensively use hashtags

    On Instagram, unlike on Facebook, you can use as many hashtags as you like to engage people. There are a lot ofpeople that you can take inspiration from such as your followers, competitors, etc.

    8. Provide a link

    There has to be a link provided to your store, which will be mentioned in the bio, or else you will lose out on yourcustomers. You cant create a direct link from your images and videos, and hence the URL should be madeavailable for copy- pasting.



  • 9. Influencers can help you grow

    Search for people with huge following and offer them free product or service. This can give a huge boost to yourproduct.

    10. Use emojis

    There are a range of emojis to choose from: love hearts, sparkles, artist palette and many more. They are alanguage themselves and are also very engaging.

    Visual presentation is the strongest way of advertising. Instagram is all about pictures. A picture is worth a thousandwords and there is so much creativity you can show with pictures. Post URLs and use extensive hashtags. Promoteand share event photos. All in all, Instagram is a great way for branding. So see you Instagramming!


    10 Tips to Increase Sales Through InstagramFew Tips to Increase Sales Through Instagram Are Listed Below1. Use better images2. Contest with a photo tag3. Share your story with a video4. Provide exclusive opportunities5. Be pro-active in responding to comments6. Communicate with your fans7. Extensively use hashtags8. Provide a link9. Influencers can help you grow10. Use emojis