10 Instagram Strategy Tips for Hoteliers

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    Instagram has grown by leaps and bounds in the last few years, and brands can't aord to ignore the platform. Here are 10 tips to help

    hotel marketers manage their page.

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    Adding your Instagram feed to your website=more followers.

    Put a trackable link to your companys website in your bio.

    If running a new promotion or sale, change the link. Use Bitly or Googles URL shortener

    Tools like VSCOCAM,

    Afterlight and Priime have

    uniquely styled features.

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    landscape square portraitThink cool or warm.

    Schedule your posts in batches.

    Make use of one-minute videos.

    Maximize your 30-hashtag limit.

    Leverage dierent mobile editing tools.

    Only use one filter for brand consistency.

    Maximize the resolution of your photos.

    Dont forget to include a location.

    Curate free user content.

    One click saves you time and money.(Schedugram or Hootsuite)

    Schedule?This allows

    followers to click on the location to see more about

    the location.

    Gives future guests a look inside the brand. Find what works and keep making that content.

    Add the hashtags into a separate comment so they stay hidden.


    Have a day where you feature one account; audience will be more inclined to share things about your brand.