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The Driving Interest In Online File Sharing And Collaboration (OFSC) Solutions

The Driving Interest In Online File Sharing And Collaboration Solutions

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The summary by Ace Cloud Hosting about SMBs’ perspectives on their interest in online file sharing and collaboration(OFSC) solution as researched by SMB Group.

Text of The Driving Interest In Online File Sharing And Collaboration Solutions

  • The Driving Interest In Online File Sharing And Collaboration (OFSC) Solutions
  • What Is Online File Sharing And Collaboration?
  • The OFSC includes a cloud computing and software application platform that enables you to store, sync and share files internally and externally, keeping teams synchronized to collaborate together regardless of device, file-format application or location.
  • that means
  • I CAN - Synchronize and store files from multiple endpoints using cloud.
  • I CAN - Upload, manage and distribute files.
  • I CAN - Share files from multiple endpoints (for ex. laptops, desktops, smartphones).
  • I CAN - Share files among applications on a given device.
  • Acc. To 2014 SMB Routes TO Market Study Key Drivers For OFSC
  • 1. E-MAIL BASED FILE SHARING Sending multiple copies of data consumes huge amount of storage space and capacity. However, OFSC is helping SMBs gain control over file replication and proliferation.
  • 2. ACCELERATING CLOUD ADOPTION SMB Group research shows that SMB usage of infrastructure applications and cloud business is to grow from 33% to 44% over the coming years.
  • 3. DECREASED COSTS Cloud solutions deliver applications and data to users over the internet without requiring additional hardware, software or ongoing maintenance.
  • 4. RISING ADOPTION AND FUNCTIONALITY OF MOBILE DEVICES Research indicates 67% of SMBs view mobile solutions critical to their businesses & 83% have already deployed. SMBs will be looking for cost- effective and easy to deploy mobile solutions.
  • 5. EXPLOSION OF CONTENT AND DATA The data volume continues to grow as SMBs increase their use of data-rich applications. This is creating an increasing demand for scalable and cost-efficient online storage.
  • 6. INCREASE IN INFORMATION-DRIVEN DECISION MAKING SMBs will leverage data-driven strategies to capture or innovate value from information, thus creating need of knowledge workers who need to access and create information both from the office and remotely.
  • 7. LIMITED OR NO IT RESOURCES Most SMBs have limited IT resources, and these resources are fully deployed. It is prompting SMBs to adopt high-availability and high-quality cloud- based solutions.
  • Benefits By OFSC
  • Available when and where you need it... Powerful and capable collaboration.. Safe and secure Less training, more productivity Reliable and cheap
  • Top OFSC Tools..
  • About Ace Cloud Hosting Ace Cloud Hosting powered by Real Time Cloud Services (RTCS), is an Authorized commercial QuickBooks Hosting provider to Bookkeepers, CPAs and SMBs dedicated to provide significant values to its clients. RTCS has been in the application hosting business for more than a decade delivering significant value to its clients.
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