The anatomy of my « ideal » seed startup

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  1. 1. 1Partech Ventures Boris Golden The 4Ms of my ideal seed startup 1. MARKET: Big market opportunity 1. Pain points / People (specific segments of people suffer / lack this a lot for those reasons) 2. Size (there are a lot of people concerned, the potential market is huge & a big chunk can be yours) 3. Timing/attractivity (now is the right time to sustainably disrupt this attractive market) 4. Competition (you can outsmart existing companies/alternatives and have a clear differentiation) 2. MODEL: Disruptive & virtuous model 1. Positioning / Value prop / Product (you create a disruptive, scalable, lasting, systemic value) 2. Go-to-market / Distribution (you can get customers in ways effective for an explosive growth) 3. Monetization (this is how you monetize & make profit, and it can be big & capital efficient) 4. Defensibility (you have barriers to entry, positive/network effects & a multistep strategy to win) 3. MANAGEMENT: Best team to do it 1. Stellar team (you are skilled, smart, cohesive, lean, energetic, reliable, execution-driven) 2. Unfair team/project fit (you are exceptionnally fitted to succeed at this project) 3. Grit, ambition, obsession (you want to build something really big, whatever it takes) 4. Insights/vision (you know in-depth your market & model, and have a vision of for the future) 4. MOMENTUM: Worth backing now 1. Cracked something (you have significant evidence of relevancy, appetite & a promising traction) 2. Maturity (you clearly describe done/status/plans, and your next VC round will be in ~18 months) 3. ROI (your company can become really big, its not too expensive and the risk/reward is attractive) 4. VC/startup fit (you & I click , Im relevant to your project and we want to work together)
  2. 2. 2Partech Ventures Boris Golden Make it easy for VCs to believe in you! Time Traction 2) Promising traction (~MOMENTUM) 1) Potential for something huge (MARKET + MODEL) 3) Plausible path for you to get there (MODEL + MANAGEMENT)