Le Mat in Greece - Social Economy conference Crete 10/11 June 2014

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Text of Le Mat in Greece - Social Economy conference Crete 10/11 June 2014

  1. 1. Who and what is Le Mat? A brand standing for social entrepreneurs in tourism A assembled know how how to become and to be social entrepreneurs in tourism A group of social entrepreneurs and experts working as consultants A way to replicate well functioning practices A way to transfer experiences and to share marketing strategies A growing European Network A SOCIAL FRANCHISING SYSTEM
  2. 2. Many years ago in Italy we started We decided to become social entrepreneurs To invent some interesting work for a more sustainable and inclusive work in our communities To battle against unemployment and social exclusion by self-help and self-employment To feel socially useful and EMPOWERED And so we developed social co-operatives!!
  3. 3. After many years, a law and several experiences We convinced that social entrepreneurs are really useful and that many other people wanted to start a social co-operative that nevertheless money still went to the traditional economy and training organizations that social economy was considered a kind of second or third sector too often dependent from public money We thought to help social entrepreneurs to develop, to analyse and organize and than replicate our know how and to become stronger on the European level by developing a social franchise system
  4. 4. TOURISM had become our entrepreneurial passion Because Since 1985 in TRIESTE we started to manage a small Hotel Travellers are curious clients and interested in our stories about becoming more inclusive and sustainable Its a work where you meet many different people and so you dont feel so different Tourism is storytelling and we have many stories to tell
  5. 5. So we developed To teach ourselves and the franchisees how to be successful We developed Manuals We developed training methodologies We developed the LE MAT MANIFESTO We developed blogs and social networks activities We developed touristic products We developed local sustainable and community touristic systems And we developed TERESA, the Le Mat traveller, as a innovative storytelling marketing strategyhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIBsSVp6x wM
  6. 6. We started to work as Social franchisors First step: a group of experts had to be set up able to act as consultants and to replicate the main elements of the good practice Second step: experimentation of the replication process in Italy for start-up of new social entrepreneurs but also to raise the quality of already existing practices Third Step: the replication outside Italy. Could our know-how be useful and transferred also in other countries? Le MAT SWEDEN, LE MAT POLAND, LE MAT UK
  7. 7. We learned that branding is a difficult job All our franchisees want to reach better economic and social results by using the Le Mat know-how and marketing/branding strategy We have to strengthen the brand and we need all the franchise network members to contribute on this We need to find common and shared languages, our clients have to understand where and why Le Mat is different from other touristic facilities We have to learn to tell our stories, places, values Our Swedish colleagues use to say: Do not offer square solutions to all, because some people are round. We have got bats in the belfry, drug abuse in our baggage, criminal thoughts, disabilities, stress symptoms and 11 social enterprises with a turnover of SEK 39 million a year
  8. 8. LE MAT on EURONEWS/BUSINESS PLANET http://gr.euronews.com/2014/05/30/italian-dolomites-not-just-for-profit/ Today there are more about 18 Special Places Le Mat in Italy, 3 in Sweden, 1 in Poland! We are waiting for GREECE! Come in touch with us: info@lemat.it tel: +39 335 7780682