Qualities and Mindsets Qualities and Mindsets of the of the Successful Successful Entrepreneur Entrepreneur 12 12

12 Qualities and Mindsets of the Successful Entrepreneur

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What makes certain entrepreneurs so successful? What skills, hacks and tips help these individuals to succeed while others fail? In this presentation we’ll look at the 12 success tips that drive entrepreneurs to succeed.

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Qualities and MindsetsQualities and Mindsetsof theof the SuccessfulSuccessful EntrepreneurEntrepreneur


It takes a certain skillset to become

a successful entrepreneur. A combination of drive, vision, drive, vision, energy, hard energy, hard

workwork and good old-fashioned luckluck.

In this presentation, we’ll talk about 12

qualities that separate

successful successful entrepreneursentrepreneurs from the crowd.


They don’t They don’t do itdo it

for the for the money. money.


While many entrepreneurs

focus on monetary gain, that isn’tisn’t their primary driving factor.

They have passionpassion for the

work that they do. They lovelove the

process and they want to create

something specialspecial. The money will

come on its own.


They are They are not afraid not afraid

to fail. to fail. 22

Almost every major “self-made”

person has experienced a major failuremajor failure.


The difference is that a successful entrepreneur will

not fear these failures, but

understandunderstandthem for the

lessonslessonsthat they are.

They focus on They focus on a single goal a single goal or purpose.or purpose.


It’s impossible to It’s impossible to succeed at everything.succeed at everything.

The more things you try to succeed at, the more chances you have to fail

at everything.

A successful entrepreneur

understands this and has a laser laser

focusfocus on a single and specific goal.

They have They have a mentor.a mentor.


Nobody starts out knowing

everything about a business.

Mistakes will Mistakes will always happen.always happen.


But a good way to minimize them is to enlist the assistance

of a mentor who has the experience

in this field to show youshow you

what to dowhat to do.


They They understand understand the “why.”the “why.”


When people try to create something

new they often focus on two important questions: “What”“What”

and “How”“How”.https://www.flickr.com/photos/27365066@N02/5023023307/https://www.flickr.com/photos/27365066@N02/5023023307/

On the other hand, a successful

entrepreneur should also think:

“ “ Why?Why?””


They dream They dream big dreams, big dreams,

but often but often start small.start small.


Having a grandvision is a wonderful

thing. But an entrepreneur’s success should be built upon a

solid foundationsolid foundation.https://www.flickr.com/photos/47346767@N00/2204532760/

Smaller and more

manageable manageable successessuccesses often lead to

achieving huge huge goalsgoals.


They They prioritize.prioritize.


They build lists. They lay out their vision in stepssteps and

mark them off, one task at a time.


Setting goalsgoals, making plansplans and

having a to-do listto-do list of actionable items on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly levels keeps

them marching toward their long-

term goals.


They know They know they can’t do they can’t do everything.everything.


An entrepreneur is a person with vision,

knowledge and drive. Unfortunately, this

isn’t not enoughnot enough.


To do great things—they need the help help

of othersof others.A successful

entrepreneur understands the

importance of sharing their vision with

others and delegating their ideas.


They have They have faith they faith they

will succeed.will succeed.99

A successful entrepreneur has

faithfaith. They believebelieve in themselves, in the

people they work with and in their overall


An entrepreneur needs to be the

ultimate ultimate optimistoptimist,

charting a path past the rocks

and shoals with a firm belief that they will reach

their goals.

They They understand, understand, “It does not “It does not have to be have to be perfect”.perfect”.


An entrepreneur will strive for excellenceexcellence. They don’t produce a product that’s



However, they also realize that there

needs to be alimit on limit on

perfectionismperfectionism. “Good” needs to be

good enough. A finished project is

better than one that is still being, “perfected”.


They avoid They avoid negative negative people.people.


We are all influenced by the people who

surround us. Positive Positive people people can lift our spirits and help to reach new levels.


Negative people are a drain and want us

down to their levels. Successful

entrepreneurs understand this and surround themselves

with positive positive peoplepeople.


They never They never stop stop


LearningLearning is an ongoing process. There is far more knowledge out

there than any person can learn in their


An entrepreneur realizes this and continues continues to growto grow. They read business books. They enroll in educational classes. They talk to

people both in and out of their field of expertise. In other words, they never

stop learning!


Success is more than just reading Success is more than just reading quotes. In fact, it often involves quotes. In fact, it often involves

changing who you are on the inside and changing who you are on the inside and developing developing successful habitssuccessful habits. .

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