Quantum security solutions for gas station and convenience stores

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  • SECURITY SOLUTIONS FOR; GAS STATIONS CONVENIENCE STORES Info@quantumsecuritygates.com 1-844-694-2837 www.quantumsecuritygates.com The security you need with the aesthetics you want Today, more than ever before, store owners need physical security to protect us against burglary and vandalism. Failing to protect your storefront can result in lost operations and costly repairs, not to mention lost inventory. Quantums security gates, shutters, and grilles provide industry leading protection and versatility, along with peace of mind.
  • ABOUT US Info@quantumsecuritygates.com 1-844-694-2837 www.quantumsecuritygates.com Quantum is a major supplier and distributor of folding retractable security gates across the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean. Established in 1997, the Quantum team takes a technical, solution-oriented approach to addressing the unique needs of each of our customer. Because each solution is tailored to the specific security issues at hand, our clients are able to make prudent, cost effective choices for window and door security gates. We work with companies to provide the right commercial security solutions that meet their unique requirements. With more than 17 years of experience in the security gate business, Our team has the knowledge and expertise to respond quickly and effectively to the security problems of just about any business there is. At Quantum Security, it is our mission to lead the security gate industry in both growth and reputation. We do so by always remaining dedicated to our commitment to integrity, quality and customer satisfaction. It is our goal to give you the security solutions that meet your unique needs and work best for your particular situation.
  • GAS STATION SECURITY GATES Info@quantumsecuritygates.com 1-844-694-2837 www.quantumsecuritygates.com We recognize the importance of visible physical security in the fight against crime. Criminals are much more likely to strike a business that does not have any visible security in place than one that is equipped with strong storefront security gates. Our retail secure gates keep your property and your merchandise safe.
  • CONVENIENCE STORE WINDOW SECURITY GATES Info@quantumsecuritygates.com 1-844-694-2837 www.quantumsecuritygates.com Our tubular steel security gates are strong and decorative, so theyll stop break-ins while continuing to provide a welcoming appearance to customers. All of our gates and folding window security grills come in a hard shell, high-gloss baked epoxy coating that is made to last. When not in use, our security gates can be neatly folded away to 15% their full size.
  • STOREFRONT WINDOW GATES Info@quantumsecuritygates.com 1-844-694-2837 www.quantumsecuritygates.com Quantum Security Gates provides you with competitively priced, low maintenance and easy-to-operate products. Security when you need it, and easily fold away when you do not.
  • STOREFRONT WINDOW GATES Info@quantumsecuritygates.com 1-844-694-2837 www.quantumsecuritygates.com Our tubular steel gates are designed to cover the full length of any window or door and up to 98" in height! The product is easy to handle and operate, folds neatly out of the way when not in use. The security grilles serve to block and visually deter intruders, while protecting your inventory from theft.
  • FOLD AWAY SECURITY GATES Info@quantumsecuritygates.com 1-844-694-2837 www.quantumsecuritygates.com Whether your retail store faces a street or is located inside of a shopping mall, Quantum has products to help you keep your employees, inventory, and customers safe from after-hours intruders. * Retail security gates roll back during the day, but deter thieves at night. * Quantum Security products may lower insurance rates for your retail store * Our easy locking system allows you to control access with your existing store keys. FOLD AWAY SECURITY GATES Easy to use, Fold away security gates
  • HEAVY DUTY FRONT ENTRY DOOR GATES Info@quantumsecuritygates.com 1-844-694-2837 www.quantumsecuritygates.com Quantum Securitys tubular steel lattice is a highly effective and competitive storefront entry solution. Because large openings can be secured at an attractive cost, many of our corporate clients tend to favor the security gate lattice system over roll down shutters and aluminum folding grilles. This products unique hinging feature allows gates that are hinged to one another to be neatly folded away after traversing the top track on bearing rollers. Our heavy-duty, Double Diamond Lattice Burglar Bar Doors and L206 Locking Post with thumb turn, provides formidable protection for front doors, emergency and man-door exit.
  • DOUBLE DIAMOND SECURITY GATE Info@quantumsecuritygates.com 1-844-694-2837 www.quantumsecuritygates.com The Quantum Double Diamond Heavy Duty Retractable Door Gate is designed to secure emergency exit doors inside the rear of retail stores, plants and warehouses. Due to the fact that thieves can easily go unnoticed outside the back entry doors. Many facilities, exit doors tend to be more vulnerable to break-ins. Thieves have all the time in the world to work their magic on doors and locks in order to gain entry. Double Diamond Security Gates provide maximum protection for man doors and emergency exits Double diamond webbing and the L206 locking post prevent the hands from accessing the thumb-turn when the security gate is in the locked position.
  • TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Info@quantumsecuritygates.com 1-844-694-2837 www.quantumsecuritygates.com Technical Specifications All steel used in our products is Carbon Controlled by ISO 9002 Standards Lattice x Tubular steel cold rolled sections, with a carbon content on 0.60% to ensure maximum strength world wide Channels Steel sections hot rolled into U- channels with a carbon content of 0.10% for superior strength. Rivets Aluminum alloy with a 3.5% manganese content for maximum strength. Fittings All moving parts and components are made from glass filled Nylon 6. Finish Products are polyester coated using top quality powder with UV resistant capability. The electrostatic process is use to ensure consistent coverage. Warranty 24 months against defective materials & workmanship
  • GATE DETAILS Info@quantumsecuritygates.com 1-844-694-2837 www.quantumsecuritygates.com
  • 1-844-694-2837 Info@quantumsecuritygates.com 1-844-694-2837 www.quantumsecuritygates.com Our reaction to any security need you may have, will be second to none.our goal, quite simply, is to make it easy for you to do business with us.