New Strategic Global Logistics Model White Paper

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  1. 1. Information Technology Solutions In the world of global supply chain logistics and the current state of the operation architecture companies are failing to account for the increases in global demand and the rapid changes in forecast visibility to foster a new dynamic model for collaboration in critical sustainability for corporate profitability. With the expansion of the new supply chain reach and service level benchmarks redefining the new paradigm for demand-production synchronization corporations are now pressured to perform with higher utilization rates with global constraints on capacity. With technology enabled products, service providers, practitioners and IT consultants comes new requirements and management skills not market-ready in emerging markets where upstream supply chain partners face immediate costs increases, inventory holding fees, in-transit delays and vulnerable exposure to higher risk. In the recent 2008 economic downturn many global corporations have altered their supply chain investments globally, only to negatively effect downstream localization in total negative loss of cash flow. Many corporations have transitioned their global production and "We entrusted Opus Global Group to manage our mission critical IT PMO. With OGGs IT specialist, we were able to enhance our IT service delivery model with higher utilization rates while significantly reducing our total cost of ownership!" Vice President, Fortune 1000 CPG Company "The OGG Business Advisors created unique insights into our technology valuation and integration strategies for our M&A pre/post merger. Our target merger involved complex strategic valuations of financial significance that could have negatively impacted our capital return on investment." Vice President, Premier Mid- Market Retailere TThhee NNeeww SSttrraatteeggyy ffoorr GGlloobbaall SSuuppppllyy CChhaaiinnss Opus Global Group Strategy and Management Consulting Opus Global Group is a management consultancy firm specializing in the delivery of service solutions in the domains of IT Strategy, Management Consulting, Business Performance Management and Advisory Services. Together with our clients and partners, we design long-term strategies to achieve the most advantageous high impact enterprise performance.
  2. 2. f supplier base to control variability of service levels, lead times, inventory positioning, capacity and cost centers. The worlds supply chain models continue to accelerate with added complexity, forcing their management to create a new strategy for global supply chains. The challenges become more heighten as we strategically map the total global operations with the supply chain. The new business drivers of global expansion within the supplier, distributor, aggregator, and customer base correlates to companys technology systems investments to control their critical costs, but they fail to maintain visibility and flexibility. This allows local competitors to gain a competitive advantage in service levels to the marketplace. Understanding the total landed costs and benefits of the new strategic global supply chain will require a total transformation of management scenario planning, predictive modeling and communications to reach critical business continuity in a competitive ever changing global landscape. "It gives me great pleasure to tell you how much I have enjoyed working with Opus Global Group and the wonderful team. I am impressed with the effort you and your team made to understand our IT problems and to design a solution. Your team helped me understand the issues and the proposed solution." Devi Purra CEO, VIP Developers "We have found OGG to be flexible, IT Strategic consulting superior and most importantly strictly dedicated to our company." Galit Kornwald COO, Lux Productions Opus Global Group Strategy and Management Consulting About The Author Thomas Silvestri, The founder and managing partner of Opus Global Group, LLP his third start-up business ownership for IT consulting, business management solutions and services to small to mid-sized companies. Over 25 years of successful entrepreneur business ownership and corporate executive experience in diverse executive roles involving global supply chain logistics, sales/marketing, operations, IT, software, internet , solutions architecture and management consulting with Fortune 1000 corporations located in North America and EMEA. A recognized industry leader with outstanding achievements in managing global corporations and small businesses for IT, finance, supply chain, sales and operations in more than 15 countries with individual P&L centers and nearly 800 employees. Thomas Silvestri may be reached directly at his email address and at the OGG Chicago office location 773.935.3583. OGG, LLP | 3600 N Lake Shore Suite 2608, Chicago, IL. | Tel: 773.935.3583 | Fax: 973.201.9379 | | | | | Contact our OGG consultant at 773.935.3583 today for your free consultation and receive your confidential ROI business analysis for all your business services.


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